‘FBI: International’ Hasn’t Even Scraped the Surface of This Character

by Jacklyn Krol
Uwe Anspach, Getty Images

FBI: International has only begun to explore one of its main characters.

With recent developments in the latest episode, it’s clear that Forrester and Jaeger’s storyline will be playing out.

Forrester always is going to get under Jaeger’s skin a little bit,” showrunner Derek Haas told TV Insider. “We like that dynamic and she always receives him with a twinkle in her eye, even when she’s frustrated by him. That’s been fun to play. Christiane Paul does such a great job playing that character.”

As for the future of Paul’s character, Haas teased that there are more changes to come for her.

There’s a possibility that she might fully embed into the Fly team which we haven’t yet done, but we like the idea of it after we found out that that happens in the field. And then even in this upcoming episode, she has to deal with her counterparts in Russian law enforcement. She has a history with those guys,” he explained.

When asked if the FBI: International creators would create an episode centered around Jaeger from her point of view, he confirmed that they are already in the process of doing so.

“Because we haven’t even explored yet even what she does. But what’s her personal story? We like the idea that as a little girl, she was on the Eastern German side before the Wall came down in ’89. And what that means to be in that kind of a society and even have where her history involved secrets and lies and a father who might’ve fled for West Germany or West Berlin. That could be interesting.”

‘FBI: International’: Who is Forrester’s Mother?

Luke Kleintank portrays the main character Forrester, who is the leader of the Fly Team on the CBS series. Viewers will recall that his mother, Angela Cassidy, was revealed to have gone missing in 2005 during “The Soul of Chess” episode. It is believed that she is a traitor to her country.

Things will heat up when Forrester will become “a little obsessive” when a clue is revealed to his mother’s location. “The mom issue takes up some space coming up,” Haas admitted.

Angela previously worked for the United States government alongside her husband until 2004. She allegedly sold information to the Russians that year before disappearing.

Fans will recall during the second episode when the FBI: International team was investigating a child’s abduction in Budapest. Forrester was triggered by the case. Kellet (Heida Reed) had to explain to the Fly Team’s rookie member Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) why Forrester has a personal interest in the case.

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