‘FBI: International’ Showrunner Teases ‘Issues’ Tank Will Face This Season

by Taylor Cunningham
Pictured Green as Tank Photo: Katalin Vermes CBS©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This year on FBI: International, Special Agent Scott Forrester gained a new partner—a black Schutzhund named Tank. The highly trained FBI cadaver dog rarely leaves Forrester’s side and is charged with protecting the entire team from sneaky criminals.

“That dog is super lovable, and we just liked the idea that Forrester’s a little bit of a lost dog himself. And so, of course, he would bond with this lost dog,” showrunner Derek Haas told TV Insider.

Forrester was drawn to Tank when the Bureau tried to send the dog off to retirement. Forrester didn’t think Tank was ready to call it quits, so he urged the Bureau to let him keep the four-legged agent.

When Tank made his on-screen debut, he became an instant hit, which means we’re going to see a lot more of him in upcoming episodes. And Haas revealed that the dog may actually face some personal issues soon.

“Tank’s going to have some issues of his own coming up,” Haas teased. “But as far as how much we use him, we just play it by ear with what the script dictates each episode. We’re not trying to force him into scenes that he shouldn’t be a part of.”

‘FBI: International’ Will Soon Delve into the Backstory of One Main Character

Agent Katrin Jaeger has appeared in all seven episodes of FBI: International, and she’s definitely one of the show’s most important characters. But what do we know about her past? Not much. Showrunner Derek Haas plan’s on changing that soon.

Agent Jaeger is an extremely talented multilinguistic liaison between the FBI Fly Team and each country they travel to. But so far, she’s a bit of an enigma.

As Hass told TV Insider, he will build Jaegers character as the season unfolds. He teased about the possibility of fully embedding her into the Fly team. But he wants to play out some other storylines before that happens.

And Haas is certain that the agent will have to deal with “her counterparts in Russian law enforcement.”

“She has a history with those guys,” he added.

Haas also revealed that Katrin Jaeger will soon have an episode that completely focuses on her backstory. And he teased what that will look like.

“Because we haven’t even explored yet even what she does. But what’s her personal story? We like the idea that as a little girl, she was on the Eastern German side before the Wall came down in ’89. And what that means to be in that kind of a society and even have where her history involved secrets and lies and a father who might’ve fled for West Germany or West Berlin. That could be interesting.”