‘FBI: International’ Showrunner Previews Episode 5: ‘Twists and Turns About’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Hermes)

It’s hard to believe we are already five episodes into FBI: International but here we are. The CBS drama has been a smashing hit for the network.

Part of why fans are hooked on the show is how you never know which direction the show might take you. The executive producer of the show Derek Haas spoke with TV Line where he said, “We thought about the whole ‘enemy of the people’ [attack on journalism] and the way that investigative journalists have been threatened around the world, and it just felt like a natural area for us to explore.”

This is a big topic in the real world. It is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s something that journalists everywhere around the world are dealing with. However, you can use this topic in a multitude of ways. Exploring this world gives Haas the opportunity to have some fun with this world.

‘FBI: International’ and the real world

He went on to say, “But we also were reading about the Russian poisonings that have happened, with Litvinenko in England and the one where they poisoned [a spy’s] underwear, and we thought, ‘Is there a story we could do that combines these two ideas?’”

He is clearly an innovative producer, and he is trying to figure out how he can intertwine a multitude of storylines for the show. This is interesting that he is also looking to real-world events for inspiration. This give the producers even more options for future storylines.

Haas went a bit further about current major storylines on the show.

“There are good twists and turns throughout,” but he says the biggest payoff perhaps comes in the form of “a personal story that begins in this episode, with Scott Forrester vis a vis his mother, who last we heard had betrayed their country and fled, and hasn’t been seen since 2005. So, there just might be a sighting of Forrester’s mother….”

Whoa. That’s a lot on the docket. As we get to know the cast and characters more over the course of this first season, learning the backstory of a lot of figures like Forrester is going to be fun to follow. With so much ahead of them, Haas has the opportunity to experiment here and take his time introducing backstories like Forrester’s this early in the show’s run. We shall see if Forrester’s mother and other family matters appear on the show in the not too distant future.

FBI: International is a fresh new show and is only five episodes in. It kicked off on September 21 this fall. It has put four episodes as of this writing.