‘FBI: International’ Shows How the Magic Gets Made with Behind-the-Scenes Clip from Action Scene

by Shelby Scott

Some of our favorite CBS crime dramas capture some pretty intense stand-offs and shootouts. However, while on-air, the action appears so real and dangerous, “FBI: International” showrunners revealed on Twitter a peek how the action-packed scenes magically come to life.

The Wolf Entertainment clip itself is short. The 5-second shot almost feels a little anti-climactic as it lacks the standard tension-building soundtrack. Additionally, our viewpoint from behind the camera crew removes us from the scripted reality of “FBI: International.”

Nevertheless, we get an interesting peek into the everyday lives of our favorite actors and actresses. This clip captures actress Christiane Paul, who plays the part of Europol Agent Katrin Jaegar on “FBI: International, in action. She completes one of what we can only assume were several takes of the simple stunt.

The clip shows Paul as she kneels above an unidentified individual, either “dead” or injured in the scene. Once the camera rolls, she kicks up at a perpetrator holding her at gunpoint. Paul then rolls away across the mat, while her “opponent” sidles out of the right side of the frame.

Fans took interest in the short clip, expressing wonder at how the stunts in the CBS crime drama are performed. “I love this. Now I know how it’s done,” wrote one “FBI: International” fan.

‘FBI: International’ Kicks Off with Impressive Viewership

Monday nights on CBS are reserved for the hit franchise “NCIS.” However, Tuesday nights are all about “FBI,” and the franchise raked in an impressive viewership total for the three shows’ premieres on September 21st.

The franchise’s flagship show, “FBI,” kicked off with an impressive 6.77 million viewers. However, the original was topped by the show’s spin-off, “FBI: Most Wanted.” The latter tallied a total of 6.87. As far as “FBI: International” goes, the rookie show didn’t score too bad. Remaining above 6 million viewers, “FBI: International” caught the attention of a total 6.24 million viewers.

Rookie shows tend to drop in viewers. However, “FBI: International” had a little bit of advantage over other new CBS crime dramas such as “NCIS: Hawai’i.”

The Hawai’i spin-off of “NCIS” established an all-new crew, location, and dynamic. Meanwhile, the “FBI: International” premiere saw its storyline cross with its two predecessors. Regardless, however, we’re excited to see where our newest FBI team takes us.

‘FBI’ Spin-Off Features an Eclectic Cast

“FBI: International” no doubt has a lot to live up to. Although, the show’s Instagram previously introduced us to the new cast members in an earlier post and we can’t help but adore their dynamic.

Further, while “FBI” fans got to see a little of each actor and actress’s personalities off-screen, all of the cast members highlighted the fun and excitement they experience working with actor Zeeko Zaki.

Zaki serves as one of the franchise’s established characters, initially starring in “FBI.” In talking about Zaki on the set, the actor’s coworkers had quite a bit to say about him.

Simply put, Christiane Paul said, “To have Zeeko here is quite thrilling, I think,” and we can’t help but agree.