‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Explained Why it Was ‘Hard’ to Match Anthony Anderson’s Energy on ‘Law & Order’

by Kati Michelle
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Although you might have met Jeremy Sisto in his Jubal Valentine role on “FBI,” superfans remember him for his contributions to Dick Wolf’s “Law & Order” universe. Sisto played Detective Cyrus Lupo on the OG series which featured almost exclusively men (and only one leading lady). He looks back on his time there fondly, speaking highly of the professional and courteous cast.

Working on the set of a show with a reputation as high as “Law & Order” is intimidating enough as it is, but when you factor in the talent there, it becomes tenfold. In that regard, Sisto says that one cast member always stood out to him. None other than Anthony Anderson. Here’s why Jeremy Sisto says it was “hard” to match Anderson’s energy on the set.

Jeremy Sisto Opens Up About the Atmosphere of the ‘Law & Order’ Set

Sisto recently talked with Long Island Weekly about his acting career: past, present, and future. When it came to discussing his previous co-stars, the “FBI” actor couldn’t stop gushing about them. Here’s what he said:

“Anthony [Anderson] was really fun to be with and so was Jesse [L. Martin],” he started.

“With Jesse, it was the end of a nine-year run and I think he was ready to go. Anthony just came in with some fresh and fun energy. You definitely have to match his energy, which is hard to be around if you want to be shy.”

Sisto went on to further explain, “[Anthony Anderson’s] really good bringing people out of their shell. He’s really lovable and also had a really positive outlook on work. He was always staying positive and had fun with it. Every now and then you’d come into some actors who complain a little bit about stuff and that kind of vibe can be contagious—that doesn’t even cross Anthony’s mind. “

Actually, Sisto found this general outlook in another star from the set as well. “You know who else is like that?” he rhetorically asked before answering his own question, “Alana [de la Garza].” And fans of his more recent projects will surely recognize that name.

How the Energy From ‘Law & Order’ Translates to the Energy of ‘FBI’

Alana de la Garza, like Jeremy Sisto, eventually transitioned from working on “Law & Order” to “FBI.” She took on the character of SAC Isobel Castille here and then later also made appearances on the “FBI: Most Wanted” spin-off. Sisto has nothing but praise for his fellow star.

“She’s now on our show, which is great. It’s great energy to have around. She doesn’t take it too seriously.”

And that’s exactly what he always looks for when choosing a project.

“It’s always about the people you hang out with,” he says.