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‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Joined Show Because He Didn’t Want to Do What He Did on ‘Law & Order’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

When Jeremy Sisto first heard of the role of Jubal Valentine on the popular CBS series, FBI, he says he was “immediately intrigued.”

However, Sisto also knew what type of a role he was looking for in his next opportunity. This type of role was one the actor knew he was ready to play after his time portraying a detective in another hit drama series, Law & Order.

Now in its fourth season on the air, FBI is a detective procedural drama series that explores the inner working of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) New York office.

Jeremy Sisto’s character on the series, Special Agent in Charge, Jubal Valentine serves as the main officer running the office from within.

And, the actor notes, the opportunity to play the FBI officer who is running the show from the bureau’s home base is exactly what drew him to the role.

‘FBI’ Star Knew What He Wanted To Play Based On Former Detective Role

For Sisto, it was a chance to do something different than what he has already done in his previous television shows.

“I liked the idea that I wasn’t in the street asking people where they were on Tuesday and tracking down the criminals and chasing them down because I had done that on Law & Order,” the actor explains to Tell Tale of what drew him to his role on FBI.

“I always enjoyed the scenes in Law & Order where we were back at the station,” the actor continues. “Trying to piece together the crimes. That was always my favorite stuff to do.”

Jeremy Sisto adds that he thinks FBI’s executive producer played a big part in his acquiring the role of Jubal Valentine on the hit CBS series.

This is because the FBI executive producer, Dick Wolf, has worked with Sisto before – when the actor portrayed detective Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order.

“It made a lot of sense to me to try my hat at this,” Sisto explains of his role on the popular series.

“And it felt like something that would keep me on my toes, and it does,” the actor continues.

Sisto Is Dedicated To Developing His Characters

Jeremy Sisto adds that since his start on the hit series he has always taken the role of Jubal Valentine very seriously.

“I cannot phone it in,” the actor explains. “I’m always nervous that I’m going to mess it up because I’ve got a lot of dialogue and it’s kind of my job to keep that room alive.”

Sisto notes that the character development of his role happens over time. This, he adds, is a characteristic that makes Dick Wolf’s shows and franchises as popular as they are.

“It’s a specific intention or objective that I have that’s not super easy to achieve for me, and it evolves over time,” Sisto explains “That’s why I decided to do it, and I also was excited to be on something that has their eye on building a franchise that stands the test of time like Dick’s shows do.”