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‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Reveals How He Feels About a ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Crossover

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images)

Crossovers are part of the deal now. Superhero movies and television shows proved that anything is possible. Fans love them. However, television shows, they’re harder to pull off. It’s hard enough getting the original cast together for a season of episodes, but trying to bring in even more characters and faces only complicate the matter. That doesn’t mean fans won’t stop talking about future crossover opportunities. As FBI is a Dick Wolf original, fans have wondered since it debuted when we could see somebody like Stabler or Olivia Benson pop into the program.

Star of FBI Jeremy Sisto spoke at length about the possibility of a Law & Order: SVU crossover. Sisto said, “There has been some discussion of an SVU crossover. I think it’s super fun that there’s an entire universe ecosystem within these shows that can live amongst each other. It’s like a more reality-based Marvel Universe. It’s fun. And we enjoy having a spinoff already, we’ve done some stuff with them.”

Sisto gets it. He understands the appeal. Sisto even admitted it’s a possibility. He mentions the Marvel Universe, which is really interesting because that is what spawned all of these discussions.

Sisto continues, “It builds the world out in a way that it just starts to feel like you’re not sure where the universe ends and the real world begins.”  This is what makes this all very complicated. You’re not sure where anything is anymore. It can cloud storylines and blur the lines of where things stand for viewers. As cool as would be to see Benson on FBI, one has to consider the fallout and the work that goes into blending the shows together without hurting either show.

Sisto has experience in both worlds. Part of that is why he joined the cast of FBI. Sisto said, “I liked the idea that I wasn’t in the street asking people where they were on Tuesday and tracking down the criminals and chasing them down because I had done that on Law & Order. I always enjoyed the scenes in Law & Order where we were back at the station, trying to piece together the crimes. That was always my favorite stuff to do.”

He just digs all of it. He enjoys being in both worlds. Perhaps this is why Sisto is so into the idea of both worlds colliding because he does have experience in both worlds. What could this mean, though, going forward? Does this mean we will see the two programs collaborate? It certainly seems plausible. However, only time will tell if the schedules and networks and everything else permits it. It’s going to be complicated. It requires a lot of teamwork on every side, but it is definitely something fans of FBI and Law & Order: SVU want to see.