‘FBI’: Did Kristen Chazel Actor Ebonee Noel Leave the Show?

by Anna Dunn

Some FBI fans may be wondering if Kristen Chazel is ever coming back. So did actor Ebonee Noel leave the show for good? And if not, where is she?

Unfortunately, the answer is murky. Special Agent Kristen Chazal was a key part of seasons one and two. But when her character was stabbed in the neck in the season 2 mid-season finale, fans started to question if Ebonee Noel was going to leave the show.

Kristen Chazel’s future on the Show is Questionable

Chazel made a full recovery from her injuries. However, fan theories that emerged during that time may be on to something. So far in season 4, Special Agent Chazel has not appeared, and there’s been no official word on whether or not Ebonee Noel will return to the series. We do know her bio was taken off of FBI’s website.

It’s led fans to speculate about where she went and why there’s such a lack of clarity about her future on the show.

Not to mention, on top of her not appearing in season 3, the premiere introduced a new actress to the cast, Katherine Renee Turner, who plays Special Agent Tiffany Wallace. This has only bolstered speculation that Noel has been very quietly replaced.

Why this would happen and whether or not is true is hard to say, but it’s definitely a bit strange. Noel has also appeared on shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,  Wrecked, and Still Star-crossed. According to Newsweek, Noel has not made any comments publicly about her future on FBI.

Another ‘FBI’ Star had a role in the ‘Law & Order’ Franchise

It’s not just Ebonee Noel that’s had a role in the Law & Order franchise. There are other members of the cast that have also been a part of the shows. There’s likely a lot of different people with experiences in the Law & Order sphere because the FBI franchise is also created by and produced by famous producer Dick Wolf.

Jeremy Sisto is just one example of an actor in the FBI franchise who had big roles in Law & Order.

He actually joined FBI because he didn’t want to do what he did on Law & Order.

“I liked the idea that I wasn’t in the street asking people where they were on Tuesday and tracking down the criminals and chasing them down because I had done that on Law & Order,” he told Tell Tale. In FBI, they have a lot of bigger fish to fry.

“I always enjoyed the scenes in Law & Order where we were back at the station,” the actor continues. “Trying to piece together the crimes. That was always my favorite stuff to do.”

The strange question mark around Ebonee Noel’s casting aside, FBI is still ongoing and coming out with new episodes every week. You can tune in to CBS on Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central to watch.