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‘FBI’: Why Missy Peregrym Said a Crossover with ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ Would Be ‘Hell’

by Anna Dunn
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI star Missy Peregrym once said that a crossover with Law & Order: SVU, FBI, and Chicago P.D would be “hell.” Here’s why:

FBI: Law & Order: SVU, and Chicago P.D are all a part of different Dick Wolf lead franchises. It seems like they’d be great shows for a crossover event. The FBI franchise is on a different network than One Chicago and Law & Order. While One Chicago and Law & Order are on NBC, the FBI franchise is on CBS, airing on Tuesday nights.

“Logistically that would be hell,” the FBI actress told The PC Principle. “I mean, I could see doing a crossover quicker with say, FBI: Most Wanted. The reason I am saying that it would be difficult with SVU and Chicago P.D. is because it would be two networks.”

A crossover event with two networks is a serious headache, especially in the streaming era. Who would get the rights to stream what episodes? How would the finances work? These questions would be very difficult for network execs to tackle.

“I think Maggie meeting Hank Voight for the first time would be really interesting. I have a feeling that there would be some fighting immediately, but it would be really fun. It would be fun to see how we fit into each other’s world, especially the characters that are so well-developed and have been on the air a long time. That would be very interesting,” she continued.

It’s a big bummer that these shows will probably never crossover. Dick Wolf has managed to create a near empire out of his work, but it would be incredibly hard for them to meet across networks. Wolf has been a major figurehead in the entertainment industry for decades, but struck gold in the 90s with Law & Order. Since then, he hasn’t stopped dominating the TV space.

FBI is one of his newest franchises. Peregrym has been playing Maggie since the show started in 2018. It’s now in its 4th season.

Peregrym Thinks Tragedy Has Made Maggie a Better Agent on ‘FBI’

While it’s been hard to see Maggie suffer, Peregrym thinks that the tragedies that Maggie has faced have made her a more empathetic agent, able to connect with people in high-stress situations. In the same conversation with The PC Principle, she discussed how just because that pain has given her a potential edge, it doesn’t make it easier for her.

“I think it helps her because she would be really empathetic to people who lost someone that they loved, which is what we have to deal with a lot. There is a very deep connection already there, so she would be good at talking people down and talking them through situations,” she said.

If you want to catch FBI and the other shows in the franchise, tune in to CBS on Tuesday nights.