‘FBI’: Missy Peregrym Reveals Who She Wants To Work With in a Crossover

by Taylor Cunningham

Missy Peregrym has high hopes of doing a crossover with two particular FBI stars.

The original FBI debuted in 2018. And because it’s been such a success, Dick Wolf created two spinoffs. The first—FBI: Most Wanted—dropped in 2020 and is now in its 4th season. The second—FBI: International — premiered this year.

This season, the franchise opened with an explosive three-way crossover event to introduce the new characters. And, of course, everyone has been wondering when they’ll get another event in the future.

So during a chat, TV Line asked Peregrym if she had any inside information about the possibility. According to her, there have been no talks about reuniting the FBI worlds again.

However, she wants another crossover just as much as everyone else because there are two particular actors she’s itching to work with. Both star on FBI: Most Wanted.

“I’d love to work with Roxy [Sternberg] and Keisha [Castle-Hughes],” she shared. In the series, Sternberg plays Sheryll Barnes and Castle-Hughes plays Hana Gibson.

There is no shade behind Peregrym only choosing stars from Most Wanted. It would just be highly unlikely that the actress could make an OG FBI union possible.

But she’s okay with that because she’s positive that Sternberg and Castle-Hughes would be amazing co-stars.

“There’s no way I’m ever getting to Hungary [where FBI: International films],” she continued. “But it is possible that I could work with those women. And I think we’d have a blast, especially now that we’re all mothers.”

‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Wants to Reprise ‘Law & Order’ Role

The original Law & Order is getting a reboot, and fans are hoping that Jeremy Sisto takes a short break from FBI to reprise his role.

Sisto isn’t against the idea, either. But since he’s so important to the FBI universe Dick Wolf hasn’t called him away just yet.

However, both shows are Wolf productions. So it’s possible that the producer will figure out a way to work him into the reboot a time or two.

“I haven’t gotten the call yet, but you know, Dick is always thinking creatively, so you never know,” Sisto told  TV Insider. “We’ll see.”

Though time isn’t the only thing standing in the way of a Lupo revival. There is also the fact that both franchises are technically part of the same universe. And if the shows do a crossover, there would be some logistical issues with him playing two different people.

Jeremy Sisto is up to the challenge though.

“I’m telling you, I’m trying to put it out in the universe. I keep doing interviews about it,” Sisto joked. “I’m hoping somebody in the universe like Dick perhaps sees it and says, ‘that would be a cool thing to do.’ It might be a bit jarring to have Jubal and Lupo in the same scene. Could definitely do it with special effects, but it would be interesting.”