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‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym Thought She Was Getting Fired by Dick Wolf Third Day on Set

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

She has starred as Maggie Bell on the hit series FBI since its premiere in September 2018, but Missy Peregrym admitted she thought she almost lost the gig due to a mistake on set. 

During a recent interview, the FBI actress stated she thought the show’s creator, Dick Wolf, was going to fire her on the third day of shooting the first season. “Okay, showrunner, Craig [Turk] tells me, ‘Just remember that a little boy died 36 hours ago.’ Okay, that’s grief and sorry. Then all of a sudden we get pulled aside, me and Niels [Arden Oplev] and Peter [Jankowski], one of the producers was like, ‘Dick wants to talk to you right now.’ So I’m like, I’m getting fired.”

Peregrym then recalled that she and the crew walked all around the FBI set in order to talk to Wolf. “The set’s stalled because we can’t do anything until me and Niels get back. It felt like the walk of shame,” she reflected. “I get over there and Dick just looks at me and goes, ‘You that motherf—er.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s a note, great.’”

The FBI actress goes on to explain that she just sat there and didn’t really know how she going to pull off the scene. “But I hope to God I pull it off. You gotta go right back into it and just hope you can incorporate this and make people happy.”

Obviously what she did worked. She has continued to be on the hit series since then. Peregrym stars in the series with Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De la Garza, and John Boyd. 

Missy Peregrym Discussed How She Prepared For Her ‘FBI’ Role 

While continuing her interview, Missy Peregrym revealed whether ornate she has gone down any rabbit holes while doing any FBI research for her role. “Yes and no. they did give us some information they want us to read. There’s a book called FBI. It’s like The Threat Matrix and I’ve gotten to chapter three.”

The FBI actress also admitted that she doesn’t find the research actually fascinating. “I’m like that is a real-time could happen right not and I get freaked out. There’s a very fine line for me doing the research and actually being able to trust what my job is and not going down the role.”

However, she believes it’s awesome to speak with FBI agents. “I get taught things, even in interrogation like don’t cross your arms. I’m like why? He goes, ‘Because you look defensive and you’re going to make the guy who’s in there defensive just by your posture.’ So it made me think about my life too and how I carry myself.”