‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Everything to Know About Season 3’s First Episode, ‘Exposed’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images)

If the hype is to be believed, FBI: Most Wanted season 3 is going to be awesome. With the debut episode coming up, fans are excited. That excitement has been egged on by Kellan Lutz. Lutz, who stars in the series has done a great job teasing the upcoming season premiere. It seems the show has all the momentum currently, with season 4 already being put into production.

So, as the new season approaches, viewers have been waiting to see what is in store. The Dick Wolf-driven drama has given a lot to fans in the first two seasons. That is why they are so excited about the upcoming season. Now, the first episode Exposed has had the plot revealed along with other details ahead of the premiere.

Plan accordingly. The season will premiere on Tuesday, September 21st at 9:00 PM EST. According to a press release the new episode will feature, “A local FBI case involving two murdered women and a sea of powerful men.” Sounds like classic Dick Wolf law enforcement drama.

Over the course of the premiere, there will be, “a manhunt for the dangerous leader of a far-reaching criminal enterprise.” That’s just part of the three-part crossover event. Folks at CBS are going all-in with this premiere and will bring all the FBI: Most Wanted content fans can handle to start the season.

With all the action, there will be a lot to dissect and digest. So, mark your calendars and clear up your night because there is going to be a huge premiere.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Teases Season 3

Before the plot was revealed for season 3’s premiere episode, Kellan Lutz teased the new season for fans. Over on his Instagram, he posted his set chair. As one of the main stars of the show, Lutz plays Special Agent Kenny Crosby. Crosby has a background as an ex-Army intelligence officer. Those skills come in handy many times throughout the series.

During season one, episode five, Crosby made his first big on-screen moment. While dealing with a military veteran that has mentally broken, the team is pushed to their limits. However, none more than Crosby. He has to reconcile with his personal struggles to overcome the issues relating to the case. As season 3 makes its way to screens, there will be more chances for growth from Crosby and others.

While fans have a couple of more weeks to wait, there is undeniable hype around this premiere. It will be a night full of FBI: Most Wanted action and drama. So, in the meantime catch up on the show, or start watching for the first time. The new season will be here on September 21st.