FBI: Most Wanted’: Full Recap of Season 3 Episode 3

by Suzanne Halliburton

FBI: Most Wanted is about the worst criminals in the country. But what happens when those criminals are trying to right some real wrongs?

FBI: Most Wanted called Tuesday’s episode Tough Love. The suspect, Luke Hadley, was a vigilante who committed heinous crimes to avenge the treatment of kids who broke the law.

Here’s the set up for FBI: Most Wanted and Tough Love:

“When a judge known for serving harsh sentences to juveniles is murdered, the team looks into his lengthy list of cases in the hunt for his killer. Also, Kristin faces family hurdles while resettling with her teenage daughter in New York City.”

The episode opens in a courtroom. A judge is facing down a young defendant. He told him he needs to take responsibility for his crime.

This judge runs a “zero tolerance” court. A man in his 20s walks out after the sentencing. He gets in his car and takes out the photo of a young woman, who is about his age. The man then kidnaps the judge and makes him wear a sign, which says “Criminal” around his neck. He ties the judge to a tree and says he’s sentencing him to death. Then he grabs a bullwhip and snaps it across the judge’s back. He keeps doing this as the scene ends.

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI: Most Wanted Agents Uncover Horrible System for Juveniles

The FBI: Most Wanted crew then starts discussing the case. The judge was from Ohio. Authorities found his body in West Virginia. Cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. But the judge had also been tortured.

The agents head to the courthouse where they talked to a clerk about the judge. “He was an arrogant prick,” the court clerk says, “even to me.”

The agents discover that the judge sentenced teenagers to extreme sentences. And he also was accepting kickbacks to send the kids to places called therapeutic dormitories.

Therapist Is Next Target

Next up on the kill list is a therapist who worked at the dorm, which was called Beech Mountain Academy. She also was into personal responsibility as she tried to scare the kids from ever committing crimes.

Hadley, the murder suspect, walks into her office and pulls a gun. He treated her the same way he did the judge. In other words, he tortured her and then shot her dead.

Turns out both Hadley and his girlfriend were incarcerated at the school. His girlfriend committed suicide. The juveniles sometimes had to wear signs. His girlfriend had to wear one that said, “I’m a whore.” The other kids there were encouraged to treat her poorly. And they were tortured, sometimes put in solitary confinement for weeks at a time. When Hadley escaped, the janitor knew and just let him go.

Next up on the list was the mother of Hadley’s girlfriend. But Hadley did nothing to her. She’d tried to hire a lawyer for her daughter, whose lone crime was getting into a fight at school.

Hadley’s final victim was the owner of the school. He tied him up and branded him. But the FBI: Most Wanted agents got there in time. However, Hadley took his gun and killed himself.