‘FBI: Most Wanted: Full Recap Season 3 Episode 4

by Suzanne Halliburton

On FBI: Most Wanted, was Tuesday’s case about China building an army of super-soldiers? An Asian hate crime? Or two concerned parents worried about their very sick son?

Maybe it was all of the above, as the FBI: Most Wanted team raced to figure out why an Asian American woman was kidnapped, with the suspect killing one of her friends as well as a good Samaritan.

The episode, called Inherited, opened with three women eating dinner. They leave. Carrie is walking to her car when a white man driving a van pulls over. He grabbed her by the neck and shot two people who tried to help her. his van. Before he drove away, he shouted “go back to your own country.”

The FBI: Most Wanted team met with Carrie’s husband, Stephen. He received a ransom note, asking for $50,000. The kidnapper wanted to meet in a park.

When he goes to meet the kidnapper, two armed Chinese nationals also showed up. They were armed. The FBI: Most Wanted team shot the two Chinese guys dead as the actual kidnapper drives away.

Mark Schafer/CBS

They circle back to try and find Stephen at his home. He’s gone. The two cops who were outside guarding the house are dead. Flash to another scene. We see that Stephen is at a private home. The kidnapper is there, but so is another Asian American man who Stephen doesn’t recognize. They throw Stephen into the basement. That’s where his wife is, too.

FBI: Most Wanted Team Discover Stephen Is Doing Miracle Research

The agents discover that Stephen’s research can rewrite genetic mistakes when it comes to blindness caused by childhood blood diseases. One of these diseases impacts kids of Asian descent. Meanwhile, Gaines meets with a CIA agent in New York. He tells her that Stephen’s research could allow China to build an army of super-soldiers by eliminating bad genetics. It’s what’s called “God Technology.”

As Gaines said: “Like Lance Armstrong without the doping.”

But all this is a big head fake by the FBI: Most Wanted writers. Remember the reference to the disease that impacts Asian kids? Let that be the clue.

Stephen breaks into his own research lab. The FBI: Most Wanted agents see it on security video. And Stephen turns the computer monitor towards the cameras. There’s a name on the screen. Stephen takes a bag of blood with him and leaves the lab.

In the next scene, Stephen is at the bedside of a really sick kid. Frank is the father who hired the kidnapper. His child was too old to be in the clinical trials Stephen was conducting. Frank demanded Stephen treat him. Stephen starts the blood transfusion as the agents break into the house.

LaCroix tells Frank: “I want to talk to you father to father …. It’s so much easier to feel that pull that makes us do things we shouldn’t do. … Love for your child makes you craziest of all and desperate.” He then told Frank that it wasn’t his fault, that he decides “how this ends.”

Actually, it was Stephen’s research. The son opens his eyes and is obviously better from the blood transfusion. Stephen runs to find Carrie, his wife. She’s safe and in the basement.