‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Starring ‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon Announces Season 3 Premiere Date

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Mark Schäfer/CBS via Getty Images

If you’re looking forward to more of Jen Landon as Teeter in Yellowstone Season 4 (and who isn’t), she’s headed our way for another season of CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted, too!

Jen Landon has been busy of late! And as one of our favorite actors from our favorite show, we have zero complaints about it! Over the course of Yellowstone Season 3, Landon won us all over as the fantastically brazen Texan, Teeter. After finishing up that season’s shoot, she went on to film for CBS’ new crime drama, FBI: Most Wanted. Now, she’ll be back for their recently announced Season 3 – just before Yellowstone Season 4 hits in Fall 2021!

“Your NEW Tuesday lineup is back on SEPTEMBER 21st with the return of @FBICBS and #FBIMostWanted plus the ALL-NEW series, #FBIInternational. You won’t want to miss it,” posts the show’s official Instagram Monday.

So there we have it, straight from the horse’s mouth! Get ready for more Jen Landon courtesy of CBS come September 21, 2021.

Who Does Jen Landon Play on ‘FBI: Most Wanted’?

Speaking of horses, we’re sensing a common thread for Ms. Jen Landon, and we’re loving it. The Yellowstone Teeter talent is, by her own words, ready to “get Western” in her role for FBI: Most Wanted.

In the CBS drama, Jen Landon debuted in a recurring role for Season 2 as Sarah Allen. Allen is young Tali’s horseback riding instructor. Within the show, Landon shares many scenes with Julian McMahon as Special Agent Jess LaCroix – Tali’s father. The two have become quite close in the show, too, so we’d expect to see plenty more of Jen Landon this season.

“Let’s get Western on tonight’s episode of @fbimostwantedcbs at 10/9c !” the Yellowstone star posted to her official Instagram amidst her Season 2 debut. Within, Landon stands alongside McMahon and Tali actor YaYa Gosselin. The photos showcase Landon’s horse mastery as she proves quite an effective instructor.

Somewhere, late television legend Michael Landon is very proud of his daughter!

How the Landon Legacy led to ‘Yellowstone’

Proud, indeed. In her Dec. 2020 interview with Texas’ Pepper Stewart, Jen let fans know how much her father would inspire her transition into the genre that made him a household name: Westerns.

“The fact that I get to ride horses for work and learn about this is… Amazing,” Landon begins. “It’s really interesting, because Bonanza proceeded my experience of him,” she says of her father. “I watched Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven [Michael Landon’s last TV show].”

Yet fans may be surprised to learn that Jen “didn’t watch Bonanza!” as a child. Why? Simply put, the young Michael Landon within “didn’t look like my dad,” she offers.

But when it came to being cast as Teeter on Yellowstone, however, Jen says “that’s when I started finding out that my dad could actually ride horses!” she smiles. “That’s when I started going back and watching Bonanza.”

“There’s a tremendous synchronicity about the whole thing,” Landon continues. “It’s been a very emotional experience at times.”