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‘FBI’: OA Will Have His Loyalties Tested in Upcoming Episode

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Members of the FBI team will be facing some major challenges in an upcoming episode as the events of a deadly investigation begin to question the loyalties of one key character.

Soon, the popular CBS drama will be returning from a mini-hiatus. And, the brand new episode will see Zeeko Zaki’s OA facing some questions regarding where his loyalties lie.

So far, the fourth season of the procedural drama series has certainly been quite rough for OA. And, it doesn’t seem as if the obstacles will fade away anytime soon. In the second half of FBI’s season four, the team will be investigating a case that involves OA’s former mosque. A case that leads the FBI agent to evaluate his loyalties as the information continues to come forward.

OA Examines Where His Loyalties Lie

In the episode, a Muslim college student and his younger brother are found murdered. The investigation leads the FBI team to seek information from the imam of OA’s former mosque. During the discussion, the outraged imam insists that the young men were targeted because they were incorrectly believed to be terrorists.

The upcoming episode, titled Pride and Prejudice is set to air on Tuesday, February 22 at 8 p.m. ET. Sure, on the surface OA’s personal connection to the mosque and the imam may be beneficial as the team of agents completes their investigation.

However, Pride and Prejudice will bring a conflict for the agent as he finds himself torn between the demands of his job as a law enforcement agent and his loyalty to his Muslim and Egyptian heritage. OA certainly has a fierce dedication to his job; following the law during his investigations. However, some events in the season four episode may lead the FBI officer to wonder if this is always the right way to go.

‘FBI’ Leaves Us With An Explosive Mid-Season Finale

Earlier this season, the FBI team faced an explosive ending putting members of the team in grave danger. Primarily Missy Perigrim’s Maggie Bell. The episode ended as Maggie ran from a truck – just as it blows up. Thankfully, the FBI agent was far enough out of range…landing safely during the explosion.

A memorable and heart-racing scene, no doubt. However, the FBI showrunners had another plan for this ending. A plan they revealed shortly after the episode which was titled Under Pressure, aired. On February 1, the Wolf Entertainment Twitter page shared a behind-the-scenes view of the scene’s original plan.

“Originally, we planned to have Maggie jump out of the vehicle as it was moving and it would eventually turn into a rolling explosion that stopped right before it hit the water,” notes the tweet.

However, the Twitter post notes, the plans were changed for safety reasons. Leading to the clip that made it into the episode.

“For safety, we pivoted to having Maggie put the vehicle in park,” the tweet explains. “and run as fast as she could!”