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‘FBI’ Shares Behind-the-Scenes Look at Test Run of Special FX Door Breach

by Jennifer Shea
David Livingston/Getty Images

FBI is not for the meek. The show features plenty of fights, explosions and other special effects. And in a new clip, the show is letting fans peek behind the scenes at how some of the booms, bangs and crashes in the show get made.

The clip was released by Wolf Entertainment, the London-based production company behind FBI as well as hits like Law & Order and One Chicago. It shows a door covered in a tinfoil-like material being blown off its doorframe by an explosion.

“Going out with a bang!,” the production company’s Twitter account tweeted. “The #FBICBS SPFX & Art teams brought this explosive door breach to life by structuring the door with squibs & pyro, as well as attaching a rachet to the door frame so it could safely explode in a specific direction! Here’s a peek from one of our test runs.”

Watch the explosion here:

Dick Wolf Created the Show

FBI is the brainchild of Dick Wolf, the creator and executive producer of Law & Order. Wolf is a Hollywood heavyweight who got his start in the advertising industry.

In a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in 2019, Wolf explained the genesis of the show, which grew out of his reverence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI’s New York field office once invited a camera crew in to observe them for a year, according to Wolf, and that only deepened Wolf’s admiration for FBI agents.

As for Wolf himself, the producer and writer has won two Primetime Emmy Awards over the course of his career. He was ranked No. 50 in the Power Rankings and No. 12 in the Money Rankings on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list, per IMDb. And he’s a former Phillips Academy, Andover classmate of former President George W. Bush.

FBI Draws on Real Situations Faced by Real Agents

 “We started dealing with the FBI where we had an embedded crew in the New York headquarters, who literally were in there for a year, shooting real agents, real situations,” Wolf explained at the 92nd Street Y. “And every day, it’s a new war. The FBI has basically a zero tolerance for terrorist actions. For the simple reason that it’s not a good day when one takes place. And their job is to be there and interdict and arrest and work against basically the worst people on the planet.”

“Wherever you go in the world, the FBI is the foremost law enforcement agency,” he went on. “It is unparalleled. It has offices all around the world… My uncle was an FBI agent, and was a very good role model. But it was also something that when I was a kid, 5 or 6, I didn’t know how anybody could do this job… It’s a fascinating group of people who are totally dedicated.”

And now Wolf is helping to glamorize the difficult work that FBI agents do, bringing stories inspired by real cases to millions of viewers each week. Surely his uncle would be proud.