‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Counters Those Who Say Jubal ‘Speaks Too Much’

by Anna Dunn
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI actor Jeremy Sisto has responded to critics that feel Jubal talks too much. Sisto’s Jubal is a key part of the series and has been since its start. Sisto previously acted on other Dick Wolf-led projects like Law & Order, where he played Cyprus Lupo. But his character, Jubal, is different than his others. Some fans find him a bit too chatty.

“Some people say he speaks too much, but that’s kind of what he feels is his job, is just to say out loud what is happening so that if anyone has anything else to add to the equation, they can do it,” he said in a conversation with TelltaleTV earlier this year.

For Jubal, talking as much as he does is also kind of a sign of growth and his own inner complexities.

“Just to know that he came from a place where he was a big secret keeper, and he was kind of running his own game, and he was at the mercy of something outside of himself, I think makes him a more complex character,” Sisto says.

While Sisto isn’t necessarily saying he doesn’t talk too much, he does seem to be asking fans to look at the root of why he’s so chatty. Where that comes from, and how that’s a reflection of him.

Sisto Joined ‘FBI’ Because He Wanted a Change From What he Did on ‘Law & Order’

When Sisto joined FBI, he was excited for a change of pace from what his character did while on Law & Order. FBI is also set in new york, following the inner workings of their New York office, but FBI agents work differently than how characters with the NYPD would work.

“I liked the idea that I wasn’t in the street asking people where they were on Tuesday and tracking down the criminals and chasing them down because I had done that on Law & Order,” he told Tell Tale.

“I always enjoyed the scenes in Law & Order where we were back at the station,” the FBI actor said. “Trying to piece together the crimes. That was always my favorite stuff to do.”

That’s what Jubal Valentine and the team set out to do, and even though some fans think Jubal talks too much, it’s clearly not stopping Sisto from having a good time while working on the series.

“It made a lot of sense to me to try my hat at this,” Sisto said about joining FBI.“And it felt like something that would keep me on my toes, and it does.”

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