‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym Doesn’t Go Down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ of FBI Research Because It ‘Scares’ Her

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Missy Peregyrm may play an FBI agent on television. But she’s hesitant to research the actual career.

To play Maggie Bell on CBS’s FBI, Missy Peregyrm has to know a few things about real agents in the field. So Dick Wolf’s production team gave her and her costars a book appropriately named FBI, which is similar to a best seller titled The Threat Matrix.

But during an interview with Go, Peregyrm admitted that she’s only made it through a couple of chapters—because FBI work is terrifying.

“I’ve gotten to chapter three,” she admitted. “And I’m like what is happening here? What happened that time? So again, my brain doesn’t go into’ wow, this is really fascinating, what a neat story.’ I’m like that is real-time could happen right now. And I get freaked out.”

So the actress has to make sure she doesn’t go down the rabbit hole. Because Peregrym admits that when she does, she “gets scared,” and then she gets “fired up.”

Missy Peregrym Gets Tips From Real Life FBI Agents

However, Missy Peregrym is fascinated by FBI agents in general. And she loves to learn about their on-the-job tips.

“It’s awesome to speak with FBI agents,” the Rookie Blue alum continued. “I get taught things, even in interrogation like don’t cross your arms. I’m like why? [The agent] goes, ‘because you look defensive and you’re going to make the guy who’s in there defensive just by your posture. So it made me think about my life too and how I carry myself.”

She added, “That kind of stuff is very interesting to me, how you deal with people in these situations. That’s what I hope to get to know more of.”

So as the show goes on, Missy Peregrym plans to learn more about clever mind games and less about the people who actually commit horrific crimes.

“That’s the stuff I want to see and learn about as the show goes on,” she said, “…Where’s the good stuff?

Missy Peregrym Said ‘Nobody Wants’ Show to Be a ‘Horror’

FBI showrunner Dick Wolf is famous for creating plots that are “ripped from the headlines.” And that’s probably why so many people are in love with his FBI, Law& Order, and One Chicago franchises. Fans connect with the episodes on a personal level.

However, Wolf does add a “good side” to his dramatic and lifelike storylines.

According to FBI star Missy Peregrym, Wolf tends to put a positive spin on all of the stories. And if he didn’t people would probably tune out.

“Everybody sees the headlines and understands the fear and relates to this maybe happening to them or a loved one one day,” Missy Peregrym said. “Nobody wants to have a show that’s just a horror show the whole episode and we’re like, “Have a great sleep!”