‘FBI’ Star Reveals Why Show Didn’t Put Pandemic in Focus in Recent Seasons

by Chase Thomas

Once shooting resumed for television programs, producers and writers had a difficult decision to make. Do they acknlowedge and address the pandemic or do they continue on as though it did not exist in the show’s cannan. Neither approach was wrong, but it was a difficult decision either way.

For FBI, the show stayed away from addressing it. Part of that stemmed from keeping the show “timeless” as Dick Wolf coined it, as Jeremy Sisto revealed in a recent interview with TellTale.

Sisto continued, “In fact, it’s very important that it speaks about what’s going on in the world. At the same time, it doesn’t want to unload those concepts or those images long enough to remove you from that feeling of comfort that a lot of people get when they watch a show like FBI.”

Comfort is the term that stands out there. The show wants to address things happening in our world, but it does not want to bog folks down. 2020 was hard enough for so many folks, and the show wanted to allow fans the opportunity to escape. Coverage of the pandemic was found everywhere, so it makes sense that the show did not want to go down that rode even further. Plus, it does date the show for future viewers if it became a part of the program. Now, it is less obvious to tell.

‘FBI’ As An Escape

Sisto continues, “It’s odd, but people, it really relaxes them. And it allows them, even though there’s dead bodies and stuff like that, it gives them a feeling of security. And in truth, that’s what the idea of the FBI in the real world gives people as well. The idea, the knowledge, that there is a well-oiled machine and a group of highly intelligent and qualified people sussing out the dangers that face us all. It makes sense that those two dynamics are similar.”

Sisto understands the role. He understands what FBI provides for fans, too. It’s weird that the sense of security is there, but it is. Addressing the pandemic on the program may have resulted in a different feeling for the viewer.

He concluded, “It’s also speaking about issues that could very easily get political, and it’s not that it’s not trying to offend anyone, it’s just not trying to get into the weeds of any of the arguments in a political way. It’s speaking about the issues.” The show has to walk a very fine line here, and the producers and cast are well aware of that. This is why so many fans love the program FBI on CBS.