‘FBI’ Star Vowed to ‘Never’ Do a Procedural Again Before Joining Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Prior to joining the cast of the hit TV series FBI in 2018, and Missy Peregrym revealed how her previous show Rookie Blue affected her acting career.

While chatting with Variety recently, the FBI star stated that she vowed to never do a procedural against before joining a show. “I had to have a break after that show and just literally purge and heal my body from going through all of those intense emotions. I said I’d never do a procedural again, but I’m doing the most intense procedural — a Dick Wolf procedural.”

The actress also admitted to the media outlet she stopped watching the news for nearly two years due to how dark it was and how afraid it made her.

“I just kind of cut everything off. I was taking care of myself. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel good to put your head in the sand.”

In order to overcome her anxiety, the FBI castmate decided she wanted to be on the good side of traumatic stories. This led to taking her role in the crime-fighting series. “We’re dealing in things that cause major fear, but what we’re really all hoping to bring to it is a sense of hope.”

‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym Talks Signing Up For Another Procedural Despite Her Past Experiences

When asked why she decided to sign up for another procedural despite her past experience, the FBI star recalled that she had put herself out there for other things, but there wasn’t anything she was as excited about. 

Peregrym continued, “The reason why I was excited about [FBI] was it’s no different than Law & Order: SVU in that the impact that show has had outside of the show is remarkable. And I’m really impressed with what Mariska [Hargitay] has made of that.”

Peregrym then shared that if she and her FBI castmates could do something that really impacts people for the “greater good” with the show and outside of that, there’s nothing else she would rather be a part of. She then goes on to reveal how certain things about the crime-fighting genre come right back to her.

“It’s a bit different because [as FBI agents] we’re usually walking in with SWAT. We’re to the first people not the scene of anything. There’s so much work that goes on before you show up to take someone down or to find something.”

In regards to what is really important to her about the tone she treats as a leader, the FBI star added that it’s always very important to her that others feel safe to be vulnerable. “Those actors who come in, guest stars, and everybody, that they’re in a place that they can really try new things. And they don’t have to nail it right away.”