‘FBI’ Teases a Crossover of Epic Proportions in Action-Packed Preview

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you’re addicted to FBI and Dick Wolf crime shows, you’re going to love the drama set for later this month.

The FBI social media account teased what’s coming for Sept. 21. There will be three hours of crossovers as FBI kicks off its fourth season, followed by spinoff FBI: Most Wanted, then new show FBI: International.

On Instagram, the Dick Wolf series posted: “Three Teams. Three hours. One night. Unlimited excitement.
#FBICBS, #MostWantedCBS, and the all-new series, #FBIInternational premiere in an epic crossover event, September 21 on CBS TV.”

Check it out:

Dick Wolf, who created the Law & Order franchise, explained earlier Thursday what stories these FBI crossovers will tell. Wolf usually relies on real-life crime stories for inspiration for his shows. He’s using a fictional Jeffrey Epstein as the central theme.

“The crossover embodies what these shows are supposed to be,” Wolf told reporters. “All the shows are fiction, I start with that. But there are certain elements that will remind the audience of Jeffrey Epstein [and] other people who have been in the papers over the past year (like) Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s really exciting. It’s not the same story, but it’s a story that, in its scale, not only justifies but thrives on three hours in a row.”

FBI, In First Hour, Scrutinizes Party Guest List

In the first hour, Julian McMahon and Kellan Lutz, who star in Most Wanted, will help with the FBI case. The premiere focuses on a young woman who is murdered on her way home from attending a ritzy party on a yacht. The agents scrutinize the party guest list and discovered it was heavy on influential men. Turns out, the main suspect was a veteran who served with Lutz’s character.

The second FBI hour evolves into a manhunt for a leader of a criminal syndicate.

The nutshell for the episode called Exposed: “A local FBI case involving two murdered women and a group of powerful men becomes a manhunt for the leader of a criminal enterprise.”

Then in the third hour, we see our first glimpse of FBI: International. The spinoff is about the FBI’s International Fly Team. The team doesn’t carry guns. The unit also features a dog as a member of the cast. Here’s the synopsis for the pilot:

“Special agent Scott Forrester and his Budapest-based FBI fly team head to Croatia to help capture an American fugitive who escaped to Zagreb with a 14-year-old girl.”

There may be more crossovers in the future. But after Sept. 21, the series will do stand-alone episodes not reliant on the other spinoffs to carry the story.

Wolf figures that most TV viewers will sit for three hours if the drama is compelling. And the crossovers will offer “a complete fix.” The first two FBI shows are two dinner courses. Wolf likens the third hour to a true crime “dessert.”