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‘FBI’ Teases Tense Shootout in New Trailer

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Things are not looking great for the team over at FBI. It appears that there is going to be a lot going on for Maggie Bell in the next episode.

A teaser trailer for Season 4, Episode 7 shows the tense moments that will pop up in Gone Baby Gone. As usual, the team is dealing with very delicate situations. As if the job wasn’t already hard enough, Maggie is going to be faced with a big personal issue. She seems to be struggling to juggle both things at once, and that could prove deadly for someone.

The synopsis says gives us a good idea of the challenges that Maggie and the rest of the FBI have ahead of them. “After a young girl is kidnapped from her daycare, the team must help her parents navigate a debt owed to the deadly gang in their neighborhood; Maggie struggles to focus on the case when her sister returns from rehab.”

Also, from the looks of the trailer, there is going to be a shootout during the episode and an officer down. Jubal Valentine is seen talking with Maggie and letting her know what he expects from her. Check it out below.

As the video starts, we see that Maggie is responding to a downed officer. Then, her sister comes into play. After that, there’s a few intense shots of Valentine. As the video ends, we see Maggie spinning, almost literally with all the problems she has on her mind. It is preventing her from focusing on the task at hand.

New FBI, new drama. As the fall season continues, fans are wondering if Omar Adom Zidan is going to be leaving. Played by Zeeko Zaki, it is unclear what his future is on the show.

‘FBI’ Is Omar Adom Zidan On His Way Out?

Omar, known as OA on the show, was facing a big decision. He had gotten into a relationship with federal prosecutor Mona Nazari. The prosecutor, played by Yasmine Aker, and OA could make one of two choices. They could keep dating, or the FBI agent could keep his job. He can’t have both.

While Mona was quick to insist that OA quit his job, it wasn’t that easy of a decision. What would it mean for the team if OA left? If he isn’t in the FBI, then what is he going to do? While fans worried about the decision, it wasn’t a hard one to make when he was given the ultimatum.

That’s right, OA isn’t going anywhere. He decided to choose his job over his relationship. That’s a sigh of relief for fans. Now, hopefully, OA can help Maggie out with her problems and help her get back on task. Things are getting very interesting on FBI.