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‘FBI’: Why Missy Peregrym Was ‘Scared’ to Take Role on Show

by Shelby Scott
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

To secure a role on a hit television program such as “FBI” is no doubt exciting, however, along with those sentiments, one “FBI” actor revealed she had a different reaction entirely.

In speaking with GonzoOkanagan, “FBI” star Missy Peregrym revealed she was actually scared to take on her role within the show.

Interestingly, Peregrym revealed that because of her history with other roles like that on “FBI,” she did feel ready regarding police work, firearms, and the like. However, when it came to her actual casting on “FBI,” the actress shared exactly what scared her so much regarding her new role.

“It scared me to take this job,” she began. “Showing up on set the first day with Dick Wolf...I was like oh my God, I’m going to get fired.” While she didn’t indicate what exactly made her feel as though she would be fired from the cast, she did share that since joining, she and the rest of the cast continue to grow and develop.

“[W]e’re kind of getting a real sense of what this show is. This is…the most exciting part.”

As to the remainder of her part on the show, the “FBI” actress said, much of what takes place regarding on-screen police activity comes from the writers for the most part. While she shared during the interview that they do work with genuine FBI agents, “it’s kind of the writers to put in what they want for the character and how much they’re going to take from real life.”

So, we’ve learned two things here. One, accepting major acting roles can be as terrifying as it is exciting. And two, just because it’s based on real life, does not advocate its full authenticity.

‘FBI’ Actor Shares Time Spent with Real FBI agents

As Peregrym hinted in her interview, she, and obviously her other cast members, worked alongside and spoke with real FBI agents regarding portraying the federal agents as authentically as possible. That said, the actress did share she wish she could have spent more time with the FBI to better ask more questions and gain further insight.

Meanwhile, one of Peregrym’s costars, Jeremy Sisto, shared his own experience working alongside real-life FBI agents.

Prior to airing “FBI” nationally, Sisto revealed that the show’s producer, Dick Wolf, spent a lot of time at the agency’s New York office with “a handful of agents there.”

From there, Sisto said Wolf produced a documentary about that sect of FBI agents which served as an inspiration to the show itself. Afterward, the actor shared, “I became friendly with some of the agents and the guy who my role was kind of based on.”

As far as the immersive experience goes, Sisto said, “We got to tour the office and go to the bar where they all drink and just hang out with them.” Overall, it appears the opportunity provided Sisto and his fellow cast members a chance to figure out how the FBI truly works and meet people who “have a real capacity to handle some high intensity crap.”