‘Field of Dreams’ Kevin Costner is a Baseball Movie Icon: When Can We Expect Another Home Run Film from the ‘Yellowstone’ Star?

by Katie Maloney

If you film it, they will watch. Is Kevin Costner going to star in another baseball movie?

Undoubtedly, Kevin Costner knows how to portray the complex passion and insanity that goes into being a dedicated baseball fan. I mean, Field of Dreams is about a guy named Ray who builds a baseball diamond in his backyard after hearing voices that tell him to do so.

And, as a baseball fan, I get it. The weirdest part of that movie for me wasn’t the voices in Ray’s head, it was the fact that Ray’s brother-in-law couldn’t understand why Ray was building a baseball field.

In Bull Durham Costner played a jaded almost-pro baseball player who, even after years of being betrayed by the sport, couldn’t let go of the game.

In conclusion, Kevin Costner just gets it when it comes to baseball.

So, it was incredibly exciting to hear Kevin Costner tell Larry King that he has one final baseball movie in the works during an interview in 2016. But it looks like, in 2021, we’re still waiting on the details for that movie. During an interview on Larry King Now, Kevin Costner joined Gary Oldman to promote their film Criminal. During the interview, Larry King mentioned Costner’s list of baseball movies.

King asked Costner, “You still a baseball nut?”

“I still play,” said Costner. “I’ve never been a fanatic. I’m a fan. I love to play. I’ve enjoyed making baseball movies.”

I have to admit, hearing that he’s not an undying baseball fanatic is a little disappointing. But I’m willing to look past it because his movies are so great. As King continues to talk about Costner’s baseball movies, Costner casually states, “I’ve got one more.”

Kevin Costner Reveals That He Still Has One More Baseball Movie To Film

Hold up! Did Kevin Costner just say that he has one more baseball movie to star in? He has always been adamant about not doing sequels, so we know that the new movie would be a stand-alone story. So, what are the details? Larry King must have been thinking the same thing because he immediately stopped what he was doing and asked “What are you going to do?”

Costner says that he can’t tell King about the movie but he does reveal that it’s about the Chicago Cubs.

“I think I have one more in me. It has to do with the Cubs,” said Costner.

King tries to press Costner for more information but Costner deflects.

“I don’t know, I have to get it written,” said Costner.

As both a die-hard Cubs fan and a lifelong enthusiast of The Field Of Dreams, (I even took a trip to Iowa specifically to visit the set of the movie) I want to know when this new baseball movie is going to happen. Am I supposed to just sit here and be okay with the fact that there’s a Kevin Costner baseball movie about the Chicago Cubs stranded in the Hollywood ether somewhere? Who do we have to call to get this movie made, Kevin?

Kevin Costner talks about possible new baseball movie with Larry King in 2021.