‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines Believes His ‘Dumb Mistakes’ Were Crucial to Current Success

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Most people look at failure as a negative thing. Fixer Upper star Chip Gaines on the other hand, he looks at it as a good thing.

Nowadays, Chip and Joanna Gaines are known as two of the biggest stars on HGTV. They started their own show, Fixer Upper, back in 2013. It lasted for five years and quickly became one of the most popular design and renovation shows on the air.

But Chip Gaines wasn’t always a successful television star. In his book, Capital Gaines: The Smart Things I’ve Learned From Doing Stupid Stuff, Gaines talks about how if it weren’t for some of the dumb things he did in the past, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He explained as much in a 2017 interview with USA Today.

“It’s all about perspective with things you consider ‘stupid,'” Gaines said. “For example, I wouldn’t have learned some of the hard lessons without having made a few dumb mistakes first. But instead of letting myself drown in failure, I’ve never given up.”

The Fixer Upper star believes that is a lesson that can serve any entrepreneur who is just getting started out.

“I think it’s important for any entrepreneur to learn early on that failure is just another opportunity for a comeback.”

‘Fixer Upper’ Star Never Stops Doing Stupid Stuff

Chip Gaines may be 46 years old, but the Fixer Upper star is still a kid at heart. He was asked if he thinks there will come a point in time when he will stop doing stupid stuff. His answer? Take a look down below.

“No way! I’m constantly giving myself room to fail, and some would say I tend to take a riskier approach on things than most people would,” he admitted. “Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I just go for it. And, you know, I figure it out along the way.”

As Gaines mentions in the interview, his approach may be a risky one. But there is no question that it works and that it has no doubt led to huge success for him. While some look at a negative event as a bad thing, the renovation and design expert looks at it as an opportunity to learn, and go in a new direction if he needs to.

However, as he gets older and older, Gaines says that he may take less risks when it comes to his body.

“But I’ll admit, as I get older I do tend to shy away from the riskier things that may land me in the ER. Bones don’t heal as quickly as they once did.”

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