‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines’ Reasoning for Writing His ‘Doing Stupid Stuff’ Book

by Amy Myers

As fans of Fixer Upper know, Chip Gaines is nothing if not a positive and candid man. From his work on houses to his marriage with co-star Joanna, Gaines has always shown his authentic self to fans. Now, as a published author, the home remodeling star is sharing even more of his experience on the show and through his life. And he’s not the only one.

Joanna Gaines has a book, The Magnolia Story, of her own, detailing the Chip-and-Jo saga. According to her Fixer Upper co-star, her book tells the story of their marriage and the early years as the Magnolia brand developed and their journey to stardom began. Together, Chip and Joanna have become a legendary home remodeling team. Chip handles the construction while Joanna masters the decorations. Now, only eight years after the start of Fixer Upper, the duo have their very own network, home goods brand and thousands of fans.

With all of their success, Chip Gaines wants to help others in following their dreams and turning them into success. While his wife’s book focused more on their relationship, Chip decided to focus more on his personal journey.

“This book I wanted to write for people who find themselves in a place where they’re scared to take a chance and make the jump—whatever that looks like in their own lives,” the Fixer Upper star explained.

‘Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Hopes to ‘Offer Insight’ to Other Dreamers

Surely, the Fixer Upper star himself has dealt with rejection and failure of his own. But as fans know, nothing can keep cheery Chip down for long. Perhaps his positive perspective played a role in his continued success. Or, maybe, he met someone that believed in his dreams, too.

“Folks who are just looking for someone, somewhere to tell them they can do it—they can work hard and chase their dreams,” Chip continued. “I hope this book offers some insight into how I went about things that might be helpful to people.” 

In particular, Chip hopes to help young adults trying to find their footing in the professional world. With his book, he encourages them to keep dreaming and chase happiness. The Fixer Upper star admitted that he wrote the book for himself “20 years ago.”

“I would have loved to have read a book like this when I was in my early 20s when I could have used someone to show me or tell me to just go for it – knowing that it was ok to fail as long as I learned from my mistakes, kept my head up and went after it.”

Now with Joanna at his side, he will always have that someone encouraging him to take a chance.