‘Fixer Upper’: How Joanna Gaines Described Her and Chip Losing ‘Steam’ for Show

by Jennifer Shea

Chip and Joanna Gaines stopped doing their HGTV show, “Fixer Upper,” in 2017. But before they did, they became national celebrities.

In fact, Fixer Upper went on to become the most successful show ever to air on the network. But even as the show gained record numbers of viewers, as the couple admitted in an interview earlier this year with Oprah Winfrey, they lost something along the way.

“There were numerous things,” Joanna said of why they left such a successful show, per Deadline. “On my side it was, when you’re filming for four or five years, you begin to lose the ‘why.’ It’s now just this thing of like we’re just showing up. I think towards the end we just lost steam, we lost the purpose of it.”

“We wanted to wake up every day and say this is why we’re doing this,” she added. “It almost felt like it was wagging our tail and it was controlling us.”

Gaineses Reportedly Bringing ‘Fixer Upper’ Back

The couple decided to launch a new season of “Fixer Upper” on their new network, the Magnolia Network, Forbes reports. They seem to have recovered their lost enthusiasm for fixing up old houses and sharing their adventures with audiences.

“It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that we first talked about returning to the show,” Chip said in a blog post. “I mentioned it to Jo, fully expecting her to tell me I was crazy. But instead, in a real sincere way, she told me she’d been missing it too.”

He told Forbes in 2017 that he believed the show allowed the couple to answer their calling to unify “people that think differently from one another.” Their show has also had the laudable side effect of drawing millions of tourists to the couple’s hometown of Waco since it took off.

The Magnolia Network Debuted on Streaming, Hitting Cable in January

The Gaineses’ network, Magnolia Network, is set to launch on cable in January. It will replace Discovery’s DIY network. In the meantime, Magnolia has already debuted as a lifestyle channel on Discovery’s streaming service, discovery+.

The couple acknowledged that now is an odd time to launch a cable network. (Even one that carries a popular show like “Fixer Upper.”) A growing share of Americans are cutting the cable cord and opting for streaming instead.

“We can’t stop cable from dying, that’s not our mission,” Joanna told The Hollywood Reporter in June. “But while it’s still available, we hope you spend an hour or five with us and leave feeling like it was time well spent.”