‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Goes Deep on Struggles with Success, Fame: ‘We’ve Been Through It’

by Taylor Cunningham

Joanna Gaines, who co-hosted the show Fixer Upper with her husband Chip, continues to be an icon for home-design junkies. And beyond that, she always emulated poise and grace on her hit HGTV series—which made us love her even more. But according to a personal essay she wrote for the upcoming issue of Magnolia Journal, fame wasn’t always easy on her family.

From the very start of her renovation series, Gaines was an immediate celebrity. She set the trends each year with her expert interior design style, and she made the world love shiplap again. But even though her on-screen persona seemed perfectly content with her life as a celebrity, she struggled with the ugly side of fame.

Joanna began her essay by showing gratitude for her success.

“When our show took off, we couldn’t have imagined all the beauty and blessings that would follow for us and for our family — all of which we’re continually grateful for,” she wrote.

Then, she continued by addressing the flip side of stardom.

“But it didn’t take us long to realize that being a part of this new reality also meant being a part of the news cycle,” she continued. “Stories get written about us, about our family, our plans, our supposed beliefs and politics. We’ve been through it enough now to know that it’s just part of the territory, and a lot of times it’s so unbelievable we can’t help but laugh.” 

Joanna Gaines ended her show in 2018, after 5 seasons. She then moved on to create a successful decor line for Target. Joanna and Chip returned to the silver screen this past January with her Fixer Upper reboot, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

Joanna Gaines Raises Fund For Waco School

Just when we thought we couldn’t admire Joanna Gaines more, she reminds us that she has a heart of gold. After a Waco, TX, Middle school caught fire in late July, Joanna and Chip stepped up their ever-present humanitarian efforts and started raising funds to rebuild the school.

G.W. Carver Middle School caught fire on July 27th, and the flames caused significant damage to the historic building. The school opened its doors in 1959 and stood as a focus of the community. School secretary Sandra Dorsey-Butler told People Magazine, “We have no grocery stores, cleaners or businesses that anchor this community, but Carver is that anchor.” 

Upon hearing the news, Joanna Gaines started to raise funds to rebuild the school. They donated all of the proceeds from their restaurant, Magnolia Table, to the rebuilding of G.W. Carver Middle School.

“Waco has already come together to help, so we want to join their efforts and get this school community back on its feet,” she wrote on Instagram. “Visit us at Magnolia Table, mention G.W. Carver Middle at checkout, and 100% of your total will go to the G.W. Carver Disaster Relief Fund up to $15,000 total.”