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‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Uploads Adorable Video of Son Crew Playing in a River

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic)

Fall has finally arrived here in the states and Outsiders could not be happier to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. One of those Outsiders includes “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines and her adorable son Crew. The star’s latest Instagram post captures the little boy in a Hallmark-esque scene, exploring the river, studying big, wet leaves, chasing barn kittens, and running through wide open farm fields. Truthfully, it’s every outdoorsy mom’s dream.

However, what tops the scene is the fact that the sweet clip feature’s Bob Dylan’s song “Blowin’ In the Wind” as the soundtrack. Together, the colors, scenes, and tune create a perfect fall set and we can’t get enough. Follow Crew on his autumn adventures below.

Some of the best moments include Crew’s splashing journey out into the middle of the river as well as the moment the sweet boy has his dad help him empty the water out of his rain boots. Another best comes at the moment the Gaines’s son runs down even rows of short greens vegetal tufts, the wind blowing both his hair and the sprouts in the wind. Hence, I suppose, where the inspiration for the clip’s soundtrack comes from.

Regardless, Joanna Gaines’s followers adored the video almost as much as I did. “Living his best life in those awesome boot[s]!!!” wrote one of the TV star’s followers. Another pointed to the sweet memories the “Fixer Upper” icon continues to make with Crew. “Such a wonderful childhood❤️,” commented one follower while another said, “It’s all about the memories and the moments of making memories.”

Overall, Outsider would definitely be down for some more Joanna Gaines Hallmark-esque video clips.

Joanna Gaines is Your Average Mom

While Joanna Gaines sets the bar pretty high when it comes to making fall memories and capturing them in a creative way, she’s your average mom when it comes to the kiddos’ bedtime.

An earlier post on the “Fixer Upper” star’s Instagram highlighted the “gourmet meal” she makes for herself once her kids head to bed and the clip overall is comical to say the least.

Those of you Outsiders who peruse TikTok are probably familiar with the style in which the star creates her cooking clip. The aesthetic clip opens as Gaines tosses a bright orange chicken-flavored Ramen noodle packet onto the kitchen counter. She then pans to a cookbook in which a quote basically highlights how good things take time.

She then humorously slides the camera’s view over to the accompanying picture which features herself smiling and collecting cuttings from a garden. However, she slowly slides a piece of the Ramen square over to cover up the healthy greens, before zooming in on her face within the book.

In the end, she highlights the most aesthetic bowl of Ramen noodles I’ve ever seen which now has me craving some of my own.