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‘Fixer Upper’: Watch the Moment Chip Gaines Had His Flowing Hair Shaved Off for a Good Cause

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

Poor Chip Gaines. The star of Fixer Upper shaved his wild blonde mane. So the guy looking back at him in the mirror now is bald.

“What?” Gaines said as he looked at himself. “That is a bald head!

So cue as the “bald as a …” lines for Gaines. After all, those are Chip’s kind of jokes.

The Fixer Upper star decided to get a haircut and raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. That campaign is open through the weekend. At last count, Gaines had raised $300,000. Chip and Joanna Gaines decided to share the video of the famous shearing, which included the moment Chip realized he was bald.

No Doubt, Chip Shaving Head was Win-Win for ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple

Gaines shaving his head was a win-win for the Fixer Upper couple. Joanna didn’t much like Chip’s shoulder-length locks. And by shaving it for a non-profit, the couple can raise money for a cause dear to their hearts.

Gaines’ first had his hair shaved for charity in 2017. The young boy he met back then accompanied him to a local Waco barbershop, Friday. Back in 2017, when Fixer Upper still was on HGTV, the Gaines raised more than $230,000. The Gaines also viewed the hospital’s Target House, where families can stay while their children receive treatment, as a Fixer Upper project. They renovated and redecorated it.

After his 2017 session in the barber’s chair, the kids gathered around the Fixer Upper star to pet and rub his bald head.

“I could never forget that moment,” Gaines said. “It was – hands down – one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I still get goosebumps whenever I look at that picture. It was an honor I know I’ll remember forever.”

Another honor came Friday, when he received his second, St Jude-inspired haircut. Chip sat in a chair as a barber brushed and divided his hair into several ponytails. Joanna Gaines clipped the first tail. The tails were clipped like this so that they can be used to make wigs for kids going through chemo. Then the barber evened out Chip’s hair.

“And just like that.. it’s gone!” Gaines said, as he shared a before/after video of his hair style. “All worth it if it means more kids at @stjude get taken care of. So we’re going to keep this thing going till midnight… Tap this video to donate. Hey, @cwhl_org—my hair is on its way to you!”

Joanna Tells Chip He Has Good Hair. Chip Remembered What Else She Said

In the video, we can hear the couple bantering. Joanna tells her husband: “Chip, you’ve got great hair.”

“You’ve always said it looks disgusting,” the Fixer Upper star quipped to his wife.

“I’ve never seen it this clean,” she says.

But overall, Chip seemed pleased with his new ‘do. After all, it is late August in Texas. The new style is like AC for your head.

“I’m probably the only one in the family who’s going to miss (my hair)!” the Fixer Upper star said. “But it can always grow back. Shave my head to help raise money for these kids? I’ll take that deal any day of the week.”