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Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood Producing New FOX Series About a Rock Band

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Daniel Knighton/FilmMagic,)

Fleetwood Mac’s co-founder Mick Fleetwood is reportedly producing a new FOX drama series about a rock band.

According to Variety, the new Mick Fleetwood-produced series is titled 13 Songs. The show reportedly follows rock legend Jasper Jones and his band, the Grift. The group notably was once known to make music that spoke to a generation of Americans. But not anymore. 

13 Songs comes into play decades later, when Jones has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a few more months to live. As a “final love letter” to his devoted fans, Jones has decided to reconnect with his band tow rite and record 13 final songs. 

Along with Mick Fleetwood producing, Variety states that Will Reiser and Jonathan Prince will serve as writers and executive producers. Jonathan Levine will direct and executive produce. Ron West of Thruline Entertainment; Gillian Bohrer of Megamix; and David Blackman of Polygram Entertainment will also executive produce. Lionsgate and Fox Entertainment will produce the show.

Lindsey Buckingham Speaks Out About Reuniting With Mick Fleetwood & the Rest of Fleetwood Mac

Meanwhile, Lindsey Buckingham recently spoke about a potential reunion with Mick Fleetwood and the rest of Fleetwood Mac. While chatting with LouderSound, Buckingham stated he really doesn’t have any idea what’s going on with the plans. “Who knows. Maybe we’ll manage to see clear to have one more nice run out there. That would be the proper way to go.”

While speaking about his new album, Buckingham spoke about the tension between him and Stevie Nicks, which resulted in him departing from the music group. “There had been a Fleetwood Mac tour that had been scheduled for 2019, and I asked the band to kick that tour down the road a bit so I’d have an extra three months to do some dates behind my solo album.”

However, some members of the group were not thrilled nor willing to go with Buckingham’s request. Which, he says, led to some tension between him and the rest of the group. “That was again Stevie taking issue with some things that I said or did, apparently. I think it was just sort of a pretense for her, at that point. But who knows? Certainly, no one else in the band is on the same in terms of that.”

Buckingham went on to confirm that Nicks actually gave the band an ultimatum. “The irony of all that is for all of the things that we went through for those forty-three years, I mean, c’mon. This was nothing, really.”

Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac in 2018. He did reveal recently that Mick Fleetwood actually wanted all five of the original bandmates to get back together. Though nothing has been obviously confirmed at this time.