Foo Fighters’ Smash-Hit ‘Everlong’ is Charting Again After Viral Performance with 11-Year-Old Phenom

by Jonathan Howard

Ever since the 1990s, the Foo Fighters have been rocking stages all over the world. Back in 1997, they hit it big with Everlong. The song is easily one of their most recognizable. More recently, 11-year-old drummer Nandi Bushell took social media by storm with her insane skills. She recorded herself playing all kinds of songs and just being a total demon on the throne.

So, of course, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters invited her on stage at their Los Angeles show. Thanks to Bushell, Everlong is back on the Billboard charts in a number of rock categories. The highest-charting rank is on the Hot Hard Rock Songs chart at No. 2.

I was born in 1997, so it’s nice seeing that I’m not getting too old too fast after all. Perhaps I too will have an Everlong-like resurgence. Nice to dream, right? Anyway, the Foo Fighters have a lot to thank Bushell for. U.S. sales are up 4 percent on the song on top of the chart success. When the song was fresh and new, it made it all the way to No. 3 on the U.S. Alternative Airplay charts and No. 4 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock charts. It is certified double platinum in the U.S.

As for Nandi Bushell, last year she challenged Dave Grohl to a drum-off. A battle of talent. She played against Grohl virtually to a side project song from Crooked Vultures. That song Dead End Friends was played by both artists as they faced off in their legendary battle. Now, she has played live with the Foo Fighters. What a story.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Memoir

This year, Dave Grohl announced a memoir. The title of the book is The Storytell: A Collection of Memories of a Life Lived Loud. With a release date scheduled for October 5th, this book could reveal a lot that fans have wondered about for years. There are Nirvana stories that fans have been dying to hear from Grohl’s POV and surely new never-before-told stories as well.

The rock star didn’t conscript some writer to interview him and pen it up themselves. No, the musician stayed true to his writing roots and did it himself. It sounds like the project is going to be a true honest telling of his life and the curves and bumps along the way. All the way from childhood up, he plans to share with fans and readers his life from Springfield, Virginia, to Seattle, Washington, and everywhere in between.

Dave Grohl is a legend. His work as the frontman for Foo Fighters is just a small part of the entire picture. He has always seemed like one of the most real dudes in the industry and he keeps proving that time and time again. His book should be a great read. Artists’ memoirs are almost always interesting for a variety of reasons. Can’t wait.