‘Footloose’s Kevin Bacon’s Acoustic Rendition of Backstreet Boys Hit in the Middle of Alpaca Farm is Everything We Need

by Josh Lanier

Humans have been on this planet for 300,000 years, scientists say. And during those millennia, the following sentence has never been said. Kevin Bacon just released an Instagram video where he sings a Backstreet Boys song to some alpacas. The best part about that sentence, though, is it’s true.

Bacon did release a video of himself singing the 1990s hit “I Want it That Way” from his alpaca farm. Bacon has a series on Instagram called #GoatSongs where he plays acoustic guitar covers of famous songs for his goats. He’s done several of them, including Radiohead’s “Creep,” the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby,” The Who’s “The Kids are Alright,” and many others.

AJ McLean, the non-Nick Carter-one, from the Backstreet Boys challenged Bacon to sing one of the Backstreet Boys hits several weeks ago. Finally, last week, Kevin brought home the bacon.

“Bro, honest to god I never thought you’d do it and you did,” McLean wrote in an Instagram Story. “You’re a legend. Thank you, sir. Hell yeah, ya’ll, let’s go!”

Bacon also performed a New Kids on The Block song if that’s more your boy band speed.

Kevin Bacon Has a Band With His Brother

Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael, have played in a band called the Bacon Brothers since 1995. They focus mostly on country-rock music but dabble in other genres, Wide Open Country said.

Michael is eight years older than Kevin and was an established musician before Kevin, 62, chose to be an actor. He wanted to play music. But his mother said he should choose his own path, he told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“As far as acting goes, I think that besides the fact that I was good at it — well, I was OK — I liked being an actor,” Kevin said. “Part of becoming an actor was (driven) both by my own sense of self in the family and (because) it was kind of assumed that, since Michael was a musician, I should probably do something else.”

Choosing acting seems to have worked out for him. He’s an A-list star who has starred in major blockbusters and independent, critical darlings. Michael is no slouch either.

He’s written songs for the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Peter, Paul & Mary alum Peter Yarrow and Carlene Carter, and he won an Emmy for his score for The Kennedys on PBS and HBO.