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Former ‘Full House’ Star John Stamos Reveals His Favorite Don Rickles’ Memory

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Don Rickles was known for his hilarious stand-up comedy and insult comedy. He once asked someone, “Who picks your clothes — Stevie Wonder?”

Besides a long and legendary career as an actor and comedian, Rickles is remembered by many as a good friend. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 from kidney failure.

Don Rickles and John Stamos

John Stamos, known for “Full House” and his upcoming role in “Big Shot” alongside Yvette Nicole Brown, spoke fondly of his friend on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“He was one of my dearest best friends and I miss him so much, I really do. I wish he would have met my son, but he did meet Caitlin and that was important,” Stamos said.

He explained that he felt like he met Rickles during a time in the comedian’s life where he was fading out of the public eye and was instead living a more private lifestyle.

“I happened to sit next to him at a restaurant and we just hit it off. It was during a time I think people didn’t even know he was alive … no one was really paying attention to him. So, I said ‘Can I take you to lunch?’ and we became friends. We would talk all the time,” Stamos added.

As the two continued to develop a friendship, Rickles asked Stamos what he wanted for his birthday one year. In 1968, Rickles had released a live comedy album called “Hello, Dummy!” At the time it reached No. 54 on the Billboard 200 album chart. It turns out, over five decades later, Stamos was still a huge fan of that comedy album.

For his birthday, he wanted to experience it with the comedian first-hand.

“He made one record, it was called ‘Hello, Dummy’! and I listened to it all the time and I studied it. I said I want to listen to ‘Hello, Dummy!’ and I want to stop and ask you questions about how you did stuff exactly,” John Stamos said.

Rickles was first opposed to the idea but eventually agreed. He would answer any question with, “I’m just doing Rickles.” He was known for producing all his own content without ever using writers.

Stamos’ Tribute to Rickles

In a The Hollywood Reporter article, Stamos talked about his “odd” friendship with the comedy legend. Stamos explained that the two of them would often talk on the phone a lot, “like schoolgirls.”

However, it was more than just talking about work and Hollywood, the two discussed their personal lives together.

“It was a very odd friendship. People were like, ‘Huh?’ But we didn’t talk showbiz. It was more like family stuff. ‘Are you finding a good woman like my wife?’ That kind of thing. I was always careful with slinging words like ‘second dad’ around out of respect for his kids and family. And I had a dad, big fan of Rickles by the way, who passed away when I was around 40. Since my dad’s passing, I’ve always gravitated to these type of father figures. It started with Jack Klugman, who was a mentor and second father to me,” John Stamos said.

The two would also go out to dinner all the time during his last 10 to 15 years alive.

The two friends would bond about dating, love, and being Greek. Don Rickles would often sit down next to him and say, “I love ya. I love ya, kid.”