Former ‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Recalls Her Late Father’s Warnings About Russia

by Michael Freeman

The tension between Russia and Ukraine has been especially high the past few weeks, with it culminating when Russia began invading. Many predicted something like this would eventually happen, with The View host Meghan McCain recalling her late father’s warnings about Russia.

Later in the evening yesterday, Meghan McCain took to Instagram to voice her frustration over what is occurring overseas. In a lengthy post, she reflected on John McCain’s influence with Ukraine and how he knew Putin was a man you couldn’t trust. As a warning, the first image accompanying the post contains vulgar language.

“Everything my Dad ever said to me my entire life about Putin and Russia has come true,” the caption begins. “I watched him give thousands of speeches where he railed against the horrors of Putin and said his famous line that he looked into his eyes and saw ‘KGB’ (unlike Bush who saw a soul in Putin’s eyes and Obama who saw a reset and Trump who saw a tyrannical bromance). Every single warning he gave for years and years so many ignored.”

Continuing, she spoke of her father’s history with Ukraine, noting John McCain was nicknamed one of the “godfathers” of the Ukrainian revolution. She urges people to “YouTube” a video of him standing alongside freedom fighters in 2014 to get a sense of his passion too.

Finally, she concludes we need to stand together with Ukraine now more than ever. She urges NATA to act more aggressively before it is too late. Additionally, she slammed President Biden’s sanctions he announced yesterday, calling them “weak.”

Meghan McCain Also Sent a Message to Maskless Celebrities who Attended the Super Bowl

Meghan McCain is known as someone who isn’t shy about sharing her opinions, no matter how controversial. Another statement she made lately was concerning maskless celebrities at the Super Bowl and mask mandates in general.

Submitting an op-ed to The Daily Mail, the former The View host expressed her thoughts about “mask hypocrites” and our children wearing them. “Nowhere was irrational Covid policy more obvious than at the Super Bowl,” she stated. “The official rule was that all spectators were required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Of course, no one actually did wear masks.”

Regarding wearing masks, there was a bit of a loophole. If you were “actively eating or drinking,” you didn’t have to don a mask. So, an easy way around that was simply holding food or a beverage. “Was this allowed at the Super Bowl because we have collectively accepted — that for all intents and purposes — that we are going to have to live with Covid rather than completely upend every aspect of our lives for it?”

Finally, she voices disapproval that amid all this, children still must wear masks no matter what. The point she wanted to make was those petitioning for COVID rules should adhere to them. Further, if they aren’t, we shouldn’t have to and neither should our children.