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Former ‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Returns to TV After Abrupt Exit

by Jennifer Shea
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Meghan McCain is back on TV.

The former host of “The View” made her return to the small screen on Sunday morning, when she appeared as a panelist on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Once there, McCain stoked indignation among progressives. Specifically, she commented on President Joe Biden’s domestic spending plan. In the aftermath of those comments, her name and “Meet the Press” briefly trended on Twitter.

McCain appeared alongside fellow panelists Amy Walter, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Cook Political Report, Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent, and Eddie Glaude, Jr. of Princeton University.

Meghan McCain Appears on ‘Meet the Press’

Host Chuck Todd welcomed McCain to the show with a reference to her father. The late Arizona Sen. John McCain set the record for the most appearances on “Meet the Press” (73).

“It’s good to have a McCain back on ‘Meet the Press,’” Todd said, per Variety. “Nice to have you here.”

McCain was the lone conservative on the panel. And as on “The View,” where she was often the only conservative voice, she pushed back against Democratic talking points.

“President Biden ran on being a moderate,” she noted. “He ran and won with the help of independent centrists, Trump-weary Republicans. And he is not governing as one. The Build Back Better agenda is the most progressive modern agenda of all time, up to $5 trillion. And it’s not polling well. So I think I’m just confused as to why they’re doubling down on something that is cratering in the polls right now.”

Democrats Push Back Against McCain’s Analysis

After Meghan McCain’s remark, Biden’s supporters quickly took to the Internet to cite one recent poll. The poll was from Navigator Research, a left-leaning polling firm that aims to help progressives shape public debates in their favor. And that poll found that a majority of Americans support Biden’s spending plan.

However, Biden’s approval numbers are underwater, with a recent Pew Research poll showing 44% of Americans approve of the job Biden is doing, compared to 53% who disapprove. Moreover, the RealClearPolitics polling average found that 46% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 48.9% disapprove.

McCain later followed up her comments on “Meet the Press” with a tweet saying Biden’s overall numbers are a mark of voter dissatisfaction with his agenda.

“Joe Biden IS his agenda,” McCain tweeted. “A presidents polls mean something – that the American people aren’t happy with how he’s governing or his agenda. Also, if Dems plan is to buy off American voters they’d better come up with a solution to the inflation that is raising prices for everyone.”

McCain went public with her decision to leave “The View” in June. Her last show was on Aug. 6. But her appearance on “Meet the Press” suggests that she is firmly entrenched as a TV pundit. And, much as some Democrats might wish otherwise, she is not going anywhere.