Former ‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Sends Message to Maskless Celebs at Super Bowl

by Leanne Stahulak

Former “The View” host Meghan McCain wrote an op-ed detailing her thoughts on the celebrities who attended the Super Bowl maskless.

She published this op-ed in The Daily Mail and titled it, “Why I CONGRATULATE, not condemn, the Super Bowl mask hypocrites for finally joining the real world – now they just need to set their children free.”

The basis of the piece discussed the constantly changing mask mandates, the exceptions to these mandates, and how children continue to have rules implemented on them. Meghan McCain began by providing evidence of several left-leaning celebrities who attended the Super Bowl but openly flaunted the mask rules by utilizing the “actively eating or drinking” clause.

“Was this allowed at the Super Bowl because we have collectively accepted — that for all intents and purposes — that we are going to have to live with Covid rather than completely upend every aspect of our lives for it?” Meghan McCain later wrote. “Or was enforcement of the mask mandate less harsh because there were so many powerful people and celebrities attending?”

She added, “Is it an implicit acknowledgment that if they don’t live by their own rules, we shouldn’t have to either?”

That seemed to be a running theme throughout McCain’s piece. Essentially, she says, if those who petition for COVID rules and mask mandates can disregard those rules, why can’t everyone else?

Meghan McCain went on to explain how Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. recently updated the capital’s mandates. And how the Academy Awards removed their vaccine requirement. And yet, several schools still require masks and vaccinations for students.

Meghan McCain Blasts State and Federal Leaders for COVID Requirements in Schools

“I don’t understand why these politicians leading blue states continue to double down on these rules for kids, continuing to hurt the most vulnerable in our population, who cannot advocate for themselves and will certainly feel the most long-term damage,” McCain wrote.

“I can go to a concert, the gym, a packed bar, and restaurant without a mask but a two-year-old has to sit in a classroom for hours every day with a mask on?” she continued. “Go to hell, all of you.”

Meghan McCain clearly hopes that school districts will work to lift these mandates on students sooner rather than later. But she ended her op-ed by declaring that “The Super Bowl is what has finally killed the pandemic bogeyman once and for all.”

In her mind, the Super Bowl proves that we as a society have learned to “live” with COVID. And that we’ve returned to a semblance of everyday life.

“So instead of shaming my Hollywood and liberal friends, why don’t we ask them to — at long last — join the rest of us in living as things are instead of playing pretend?” McCain concluded. “As the other old adage goes, if you can’t beat em’, join ’em.”