FOX Medical Drama Loses Key Cast Member Shortly Before Season 5

by Anna Dunn

FOX’s The Resident is losing a key cast member before season 5 in a shocking turn of events. According to TV Line, Emily VanCamp, who starred on The Resident since its premiere in 2018 left the show suddenly. The reason behind her exit is unclear, but it comes as a major surprise to fans.

However, earlier this month, The Resident actress announced that she and her husband Josh Bowman welcomed a daughter, Iris. VanCamp played nurse practitioner Nic Nevin. Her character quickly became a love interest for Conrad Hawkins, played by Matt Czuchry. The two characters got married in season 4.

Nic is Nowhere to Be Found in the New Season 5 Teaser

A teaser for season 5, however, shows cops arriving at Conrad’s home with Nic not present. After season 4 of The Resident ended, showrunner Peter Elkoff told TV Line about a major development in the series. But it’s unclear whether or not it was about VanCamp’s departure.

“When our audience — our loyal and beloved audience — tunes in for the first episode of Season 5, by the time it’s over, they will be shocked at certain changes that are taking place at the hospital,” the showrunner said. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

What other change he could be referring to is almost impossible to say, but fans are probably in for more surprises. Season 4 left the characters, particularly Nic, on a good note. So it’s hard to say if they knew VanCamp would be leaving or not. Elkoff even told TV line a bit more about Nic’s role in the finale, and there didn’t seem to be many hints that VanCamp was leaving.

“We had a pretty good sense that we were getting picked up,” Elkoff told TV Line after the season 4 finale of The Resident. “[Conrad and Nic] had come to this really important place, this big moment in their relationship, and we wanted to up the emotion with some images from other high points in their love story. It was purely to say, ‘Hey, these two have come so far, and Nic’s been through so much this season.’ We wanted to show those steps along the way”

Whether or not VanCamp’s departure was the plan is hard to say, but regardless, production will have to adjust.

VanCamp is the Third Member of The Cast to Leave ‘The Resident’

Emily VanCamp is now the third cast member to leave the show recently. Surgeon Mina Okafor actress Shaunette Renée Wilson left the series midway through last season. Morris Chestnut, who plays Barrett Cain, is cutting back.

Vancamp is also known for her work on Revenge, Everwood, and The Valcon & The Winter Soldier. It’s hard to say what’s next for her, but fans are bummed that she’s departing The Resident.

The Resident will come back on September 21st at 8/7 central on FOX. Season 5 is definitely going to experience some cast shakeups, but the writers room seems to have been hard at work