‘Frasier’: Behind the Scenes Peek on the Set of Kelsey Grammer’s Hit Sitcom

by Suzanne Halliburton

The comedy Frasier showcased the downtown Seattle skyline from Frasier Crane’s high-rise condo. The city was as much a part of the hit show as the quirky cast.

But did you know that show creators originally wanted to put the show in another city? Try Denver. Think of the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop rather than the Seattle Space Needle.

David Lee, the co-creator of Frasier, told Vanity Fair in a 2018 interview about why Colorado turned into a no and Washington state into a yes. Frasier was a spinoff of Boston-based Cheers but wanted a different look.

“We had to get far away from Boston, so the show could have its own brand,” Lee said. “We settled in Denver, but then Colorado passed this egregious anti-gay amendment. “

Lee said “we couldn’t in good conscience base the show there. We thought Seattle seemed up-and-coming.”

Could Frasier Really Afford Such a Condo?

And Frasier Crane, with his father, Martin, and his personal aide, Daphne, lived in high style. The condo was a three-bedroom, three-bath place, with fancy artwork and designer furniture. There’s a baby grand piano and a chair modeled after Coco Chanel’s chaise lounge. Then there’s Martin’s aging easy chair, which featured duct tape and 70s-era earth tones. The sleek apartment was supposed to be in Elliott Bay Towers, but there’s no such place in Seattle. Plus, the backdrop used for the condo was taken from Kerry Park in the city. No condo could have that same view.

FRASIER — Season 1 — Pictured: Frasier and Martin Crane’s apartment (Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Most of the show was shot on sound stages in Los Angeles, so the grand apartment only existed in the television realm.

Frasier, starring Kelsey Grammer, ran from 1993-2004. It won the Emmy for best comedy series for five straight years. Folks loved the show. But over the years, many folks ponder whether Frasier Crane actually could afford such a nice piece of real estate. He was a psychiatrist. They make lots of money. Frasier was well-to-do in Boston on Cheers. So maybe he sold his home there and used it for a large down payment on a new place. When he moved to Seattle, Frasier gave advice on the radio.

Condo Could Be Worth Up to $4 Million Now

In 2018, Curbed.com surveyed some real estate brokers in Seattle to see how much the Frasier condo was worth on the market. The best guess was nearing $4 million.

Jeff J. Reynolds said of the place: “The condo is positioned to continue to grow in value. I don’t see any reason why the long-term growth and appreciation would subside. As one of Frasier’s most trusted advisors, I would urge him to hold onto this valuable asset. I believe the market value of Frasier condo today is $3.63 million. Keep it old buddy; this high-rise space is one valuable asset.”

This all begs the question. Where will Frasier live in the new reboot? Kelsey Grammer announced the new show last month. It’s set for Paramount+ , the new streaming service.

At the end of the show’s first run, Frasier had packed up his Seattle high rise and was moving, possibly to Chicago. But where ever he lands, it’ll be fabulous.