‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Says It’s ‘No Accident’ He Named Brewing Company Faith America

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

 Kelsey Grammer got his big break when he appeared in over 200 episodes of the classic show Cheers. He played Dr. Frasier Crane. That role led to the spinoff series Frasier. As a result, television watchers are used to seeing Grammer on a barstool. Now, he has his own bar – Faith American Brewing Company in Upstate New York.

According to Fox Business, Kelsey Grammer opened the establishment in the Catskills region of New York because he loves the area. He said he used to spend Thanksgiving there with his grandfather. So, when it came time to open Faith American Brewing Company, he knew just where he wanted to put it. The location served two purposes. It allowed him to spend more time in the Catskills and generate economic activity for the area.

Faith American Brewing Company isn’t new. In fact, Kelsey Grammer started putting the operation together in 2015. They started officially brewing beer in 2019 but shut down during the pandemic. However, Grammer says he’s owned the property for thirty years.

Margaretville, the village in which Faith American Brewing Company is located, used to be a booming dairy and cauliflower town. So, when Grammer bought the property it had a massive dairy barn on it. One day, Kelsey Grammer said, he walked into the barn and thought to himself “We could brew beer here,” as a way to put money back into the community.

Kelsey Grammer’s Faith American

The Frasier star was very deliberate when choosing the name for his brewing company. It is partially named for his daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa. However, it’s much deeper than that. About the name, Kelsey Grammer said, “It’s no accident that it’s called Faith American. My daughter’s name is Faith, but there’s also action in faith. Faith is something you have to fight for… And the idea of America is still something I’m willing to fight for. So faith in America, we’re still doing it.”

Right now, Kelsey Grammer’s Faith American beers are available in both New York and New Jersey. However, he’s looking to create a place where everyone knows your name in the coming months. The brewery contains a taproom where Grammer hopes to start hosting events as things go back to normal and people begin to feel more comfortable with hitting the bar once again.

As for the beer they make, Kelsey Grammer is the mastermind behind the brew. However, he admits that he’s not a brewer, but he knows what he wants out of the beer they create. He describes what he wants to the experts and they make it happen. However, he does so in the most Frasier way possible.

Giving an example of his flavor explanations, Grammer said, “I’ll describe what I want it to taste like. And it’s usually a metaphor. I want this to taste like a summer’s day, the moment you put that ice cube on the back of your neck.”