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‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans Debate If JD Was Completely Wasted

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

“Friday Night Lights” was an instant hit for NBC. And it still is today. So many folks still binge-watch the series created by Peter Berg on the Dillon Panthers and their rise in West Texas. One of the more interesting moments on the program, especially early on was the battle between the uber-talented J.D. McCoy and state champ Matt Saracen at quarterback. It was a complicated storyline. Matt was never supposed to be The Guy at quarterback for the Dillon Panthers. However, after the injury sustained by Jason Street, he had no choice. Some “Friday Night Lights” fans have been debating if J.D. was completely wasted on the program.

In a new post on Reddit, the OP wrote, “So let me start by saying I loved JD’s development through season 3. You hate him at first because he’s taking Matt’s job, but then as you learn about him I think he starts to become a character you can really be sympathetic towards. His father controls his life, is the reason he’s super awkward, and really makes it hard for him to have a normal life. We get to see him develop as Tim takes him under his wing and see him begin to become “one of the guys”, getting a girlfriend, getting friends, and becoming rebellious towards his father.”

J.D. McCoy’s Development on ‘Friday Night Lights’

McCoy was a kid who was destined to be QB1 wherever he ended up in Texas. He was meant to be a Future Longhorn or Aggie. He was placed in a bad spot with Matt. Fans were not going to like J.D. because of what Matt went through and who he was as a character. Players and folks watching at home loved Matt. Even Coach Taylor. But McCoy came through. He got in Matt’s head and Coach Taylor was in a difficult battle with J.D.’s dad.

McCoy seems to develop a lot as a person over the course of Season 3. However, all that changes on a dime the season. As the user wrote, “Then the next season starts and he’s straight up a high school bully and a main antagonist for no apparent reason.”

J.D. was a star in the making of the program, but his role was certainly one that never quite got everyone on board. He was lost in the shuffle between Matt and later Vince with East Dillon. McCoy was always going to be in a difficult position.

Matt Saracen’s Rise

It was always going to be hard to replace Matt Saracen as QB1. Plus, McCoy’s emergence added another wrinkle to Matt’s tough high school career that shaped his experience in a positive way. You can watch “Friday Night Lights” on Hulu.