‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans Look Back on Most ‘Unrealistic’ Storylines

by Chase Thomas

You won’t find many shows as different and true to high school football on Friday nights in the South quite like “Friday Night Lights”. The show was a big-time hit on NBC as it ran for five seasons on the network. The show was ostensibly about football in Texas, but it was about relationships and the characters in the show. However, some “Friday Night Lights” fans have been looking back on some “unrealistic” storylines.

One of the storylines mentioned in a new thread on Reddit was the Tim Riggins dilemma. Specifically, Riggins left the team on multiple occasions during the season with no real ramifications from Coach Taylor. The poster cites that as pretty unrealistic with the way Riggins treated football. However, he was one of the most important pieces on the team and Coach Taylor needed him to win a state title. The rules in sports you find are often bent for certain folks depending on one’s value.

Another point the poster makes is Coach Taylor coming in as a highly-touted college offensive coordinator and still struggling to score 30 points and winning late far too often. If he was an offensive whiz, why did he struggle to score so much at Dillon? To be fair to the writers, Coach Taylor also never got to coach a full season of Jason Street under center. He was dealt a difficult hand with Matt Saracen and he adjusted the offense to fit what he could do.

Both are interesting critiques from the fan. With Riggins, his home-life situation may have awarded him additional slack from Coach Taylor. Similar to Matt Saracen. The offense was also never what Coach Taylor planned to inherit when he got to Dillon. Not to mention the injury to Smash Williams, too.

Peter Berg on “Friday Night Lights”

“Friday Night Lights” was a different show. It was a show that stood out for how realistic it felt for folks who grew up with high school football. You did not see many shows like it.

Berg told Cinemablend, “We definitely are not going to hang the series on football games and we’re cognizant of the fact that as appealing as the football games are, there’s perhaps a limit to the patience of viewers and because of that, we will expose all of those things. We’ll spend as much time away from the season and away from the games as we do in it. And hope to hang the success of the show on the likeability of these lead characters, people like Kyle [Chandler] and Connie [Britton]. Not on football games. We will certainly present football throughout the season but to us, it’s a character driven show more than actual football game driven show.”

You can watch “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix.