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‘Friday Night Lights’ Star Kyle Chandler Talks Working With Michael B. Jordan and Jesse Plemons

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

“Friday Night Lights” was a hit show on NBC for five seasons. One of its stars, Kyle Chandler who played Coach Eric Taylor, was there from the beginning. Indeed, Coach Taylor was an iconic character for a number of years on the program. Folks became enamored with his leadership on the program along with his quotes that served as life lessons to his players and those watching at home. However, the show ended long ago now, but “Friday Night Lights” star Kyle Chandler talked about working with Michael B. Jordan and Jesse Plemons who have both gone on to Hollywood stardom.

Still today, Chandler gets recognized most as Coach Taylor. But that’s OK with the Monroe High School alum. He told Access Online, “It was a great period of my life. It was probably more fun than I’ve ever had working on anything,” Chandler said. When asked about the rise of Plemons and Jordan, he said, “None of it surprises me.” The two talented actors broke out in recent years in Hollywood.

“Friday Night Lights” Kyle Chandler on the Ending

Chandler told EW about the end, “Yeah, sure. I think the most fun and why we had so much fun—at least for myself—was that it’s the first time I’ve been able to play a married person, with kids, obviously. I’ve never done that in my professional life, so I had a lot of material to draw from. That’s one.” Chandler got to play a part he actually identified with and knew a lot about already. That was really cool for him.

He added, “Two, [exec producer] Pete Berg was able to tell us—he confirmed this for Connie and I—that the relationship wasn’t going to break up from divorce. We weren’t going to be sleeping with other people, there weren’t going to be drug or alcohol problems. It was going to be a regular marriage, with two people who were dedicated to each other and loved one another.” This changed a lot for Chandler and Connie Britton. They could approach things differently. They loved one other as television characters and they knew they were going to make it work on the program.

He concluded, “That gave Connie and I the ability to do what married couples really do, which is when big, big, big things happen, people come together and stand with each other. They work their way through it however it happens. But it’s the little tiny things, “Where are the keys?” “I don’t know where your keys are.” “Well, what did you do with the keys?” They got to focus on the little things. They worked their way through their issues. They were able to play a real marriage that made it. You can watch “Friday Night Lights” on Hulu.