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‘Fuller House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About Getting Sober, Addiction Struggles

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Jodi Sweetin said her lowest point wasn’t the times she was so high that friends and family had her hospitalized. It wasn’t when she was using the money from drug-prevention speeches to score meth and cocaine. The lowest point for the Fuller House star, she said, was when she was alone and realized how far she’d sank into drugs and alcohol addiction. She struggled to get out of bed those days because she couldn’t fathom looking at herself in the mirror. Now, she’s sober and helping others beat their addiction.

Sweetin said she took her first drink at 14. She snuck several glasses of wine at Candace Cameron-Bure’s wedding. That started a 14 year battle with alcohol and an ever-worsening problem with drugs. She started taking ecstasy every day in high school, the 39-year-old said. That led to cocaine, then crack, and methamphetamines. At 26, she realized how bad things had become and checked herself into rehab. It took a few more years before she was finally done with drugs and alcohol.

“The thing about anxiety is, people think of panic attacks, but there can be a raging screaming voice in your head all the time that you just can’t get quiet,” Jodi Sweetin said on the Allison Interviews podcast. “You just don’t want to listen to this voice, and especially when mental health wasn’t talked about, it’s worse. Having that wiring in your brain, something switches on when you’re an alcoholic. It feels like there is never enough. I can’t ever fill this hole because there is a bottom missing in the cup, and I just keep trying to fill it.

She suffered several relapses over the years. But she’s been able to remain sober for years now thanks to working with a 12-step program and medication.

Jodi Sweetin Started Drinking After ‘Full House’ Cancellation

The mother of two explained that she felt lost after ABC canceled Full House. She started acting when she was only 3 years old, but 10 years later she was wealthy, a star, and completely miserable. Sweetin said that first drink gave her the confidence that she’d always looked for.

She chased that feeling for the next decade. She realized later that she was deluding herself and using drugs to hide her pain and mental illness.

“I was a selfish, self-serving, insecure, angry, and fearful person living a double life,” she wrote in her 2008 memoir UnSweetined. “I covered up my problems by pretending to be happy and saying that everything was fine.”

She struggled for years to get to where she is now — sober and happy. She still has struggles, but she knows how to better handle her feelings and mental distress.

“I’m always very honest that, for me, medication has been key,” Sweetin told the podcast. “Otherwise my struggle was so bad I wasn’t getting out of bed. Now that I know when I need to speak up for myself, even into my 30s, feeling like I needed some therapy and I probably need a psychiatrist for some meds, and all of these things to start taking care of myself.”