Garfield Gets New Life in Upcoming Film with Chris Pratt as His Voice

by Jonathan Howard

This is the only news that could make Garfield happy on a Monday. Chris Pratt is going to be portraying the lasagna-lover. Alcon Entertainment is producing the film while Sony Pictures joins the team as well.

That’s right, a new animated movie about everyone’s favorite comic strip cat. Garfield has been in American pop culture for decades at this point. It was back in 2004 when Garfield: The Movie came out. I believe I had that on DVD growing up. That was followed by the sequel just a couple of years later. Now, the franchise seems to be getting a reboot of sorts. Bill Murray voice Garfield back then, so Pratt has big shoes to fill.

One thing we know about the film, this Garfield movie is going to be in movie theaters all around the world, excluding China. We also know that the rights were bought from Jim Davis for the movie. This is just the latest voice-over work that Pratt has been tied to. He was also named as the voice for Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Brother film. While that is a strange selection, he has voice work experience and popularity around him.

While no one was necessarily calling out for a new Garfield movie, it seems that his one is going to have a strong cast and crew. Family comedies have been an honored pastime in theaters forever. This is likely going to be a fun, goofy, and lighthearted story.

Notable Names Working on Garfield Movie

While there aren’t a lot of details out there right now about the film, there is an insight into who is working on the movie. So, fans can look and draw as many conclusions as they want with that info. Pratt is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and has appeared in tons of movies from the Marvel universe to Jurassic World.

There haven’t been any plot details released as of yet. However, like previous projects, this film will pull inspiration from the classic comic strip by Jim Davis. The cartoonist has so much material and has become a beloved artist over the decades. Also, there is no title for this project as of right now. However, there are some things we can look at in regards to style or creativity.

David Reynolds is the writer, he also wrote Finding Nemo, Mark Dindal is directing. His two most famous projects are Chicken Little and Emperor’s New Groove. So, for those younger millennials and older Gen Z-ers, those are familiar projects that can give fans a feel for how this movie might play out. Jim Davis is going to be an executive producer on the movie as well. So, it seems this one is in good hands.

Chris Pratt as Garfield. Get ready because it’s coming.