Garth Brooks Footing the Bill To Improve Traffic, Add Police Substation on Nashville’s Lower Broadway

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Country music icon Garth Brooks is opening a new honky-tonk bar on Nashville‘s Lower Broadway, but that’s not the only project he’s working on to add to the famous area of Music City. According to a recent press release from the Mayor’s office, Brooks is working with the city to foot the bill for a new police substation and traffic control room. He hopes the additions will reduce traffic congestion and keep Lower Broadway safer for locals and visitors alike.

On Monday, Mayor John Cooper revealed the proposed project between Metro Nashville and the “Friends in Low Places” singer. The development would include a new Metro police substation. The project would also include the addition of a Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) traffic control room. Each will be located on Lower Broadway and developed by Brooks at no cost to local taxpayers. If Metro Council approves the project, they’ll authorize an adjacent alley for development by Brooks’ bar at 411 Broadway.

“Lower Broadway is an iconic destination for fans of world-class music, sports and a good time. But as Nashvillians know well, it can also create safety and traffic challenges that my office is working hard to tackle across multiple fronts. I commend Garth Brooks for stepping up to help make Lower Broadway safer and more enjoyable for everyone,” Cooper said in the press release. “These additional resources will add new tools to reduce traffic and improve community safety downtown while continuing to prioritize other initiatives for neighborhoods and families throughout Davidson County.”

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake also commented on the proposed agreement. Drake thanked Garth Brooks for his involvement in trying to improve the downtown experience for all.

“I am deeply grateful to Garth and his team for including space that will serve as a mini hub for our operations in the Broadway entertainment district,” Drake shared in a statement. “This unique partnership will help enhance public safety for downtown residents and visitors.”

NDOT Says Garth Brooks’ New Project Has ‘Enormous’ Benefits

In December 2021, Garth Brooks purchased what was previously the Downtown Sporting Club for just under $48 million. That’s more than $20 million over the building’s 2017 valuation of $27 million. It shows the rapid growth of Lower Broadway as a destination for visitors from around the world.

The three-story honky-tonk bar will move into the 40,000+ square foot property “soon,” according to signs on the building. Now, Brooks is looking to add to the area, which will benefit the entire community. Local news outlet WKRN spoke with Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure Director Diana Alarcon about the agreement.

“Managing traffic and congestion across Nashville is a big priority for NDOT,” Alarcon shared. “As we continue building out our city-wide traffic management center, we’re excited for the opportunity to be a partner in the development of a smaller TMC downtown. The benefits are enormous—from managing large-scale special events to enhancing safety and utilizing infrastructure more efficiently.”

Earlier this year, Garth Brooks spoke about his concept for the upcoming bar on Lower Broadway. The musician said he feels “lucky” to be part of Lower Broadway, one of the busiest destinations in the nation.

“The goal is a classic honky-tonk that welcomes all and encourages love and kindness while playing the greatest music in the world in the home of Country Music!” Brooks said at the time.