Gene Simmons Announces Beloved Dog Axl’s Death in Emotional Farewell: ‘Hearts Are Broken’

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (August 23rd) KISS co-lead singer and bassist Gene Simmons took to his Instagram account with a heavy heart to announce his beloved dog Axl has passed away.

“Rest In Peace Axl. The best dog,” Gene Simmons shares in the post, which features a sweet video of him playing with his pup. 

Fans took to the Instagram post and shared their sympathy for Gene Simmons and his family. One Instagram user writes, “Oh I am sorry to hear about this. Rest in peace Axl.”

Another adds, “Sorry for your [family’s] loss… So hard to say goodbye.”

Gene Simmons Talks About KISS’ Success Through the Years 

During a 2019 interview with Standard, Gene Simmons opened up about KISS’ success through the years. “We’re the hardest-working band in show business, and that’s exhausting. I’m up there every night in 8in platform boots and 40lbs of armor. I did five-mile walks almost every day for a year to get in shape.”

While chatting about former KISS bandmates, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, and why they are not rejoining the band any time soon, Gene Simmons said, “They were as important as any one of us in the early days of the bad and they’ve both been invited to come on stage at some point in the tour. But we couldn’t do the whole thing with them. They’re completely undependable.”

Also discussing if any bandmates have any drinking or drug issues, Gene Simmons stated that no one in the band even smokes. “Nobody drinks either. They’re just not interested. I’ve never been drunk in my life. The drug thing isn’t a discussion.”

Gene Simmons Discusses His Feelings About Retiring From KISS

In regards to his plans of ever retiring from the band, Gene Simmons admitted he will cry like a young girl during the very last show her performs. When asked if he would miss the armor and makeup, the rocker answered, “I don’t know. On the day that Superman decides to stop guarding the earth, he’s still Superman underneath. But will he miss that outfit? I don’t know.”

Simmons goes on to explain that he and Kiss are certain to leave a legacy once the bandmates retire. “Trust me, there really is a thing called the American Dream. This country couldn’t touch the boot heels of UK acts like the Stones, The Beatles, and Queen. But it is an enormous country and so many people from elsewhere have arrived and reached heights they never could have done at home.”

Simmons added, “Could I have achieved as much in Israel? No. There’s a ceiling in almost every country in the world that you just can’t go beyond. Not here.”