Gene Simmons Posts Message to Americans: ‘Stay Calm, America Is Still the Greatest Country’

by Matthew Wilson

Gene Simmons is the latest celebrity urging Americans to stay positive amid ongoing political turmoil. The 2020 Presidential Election is in its third day with no winner announced. The rockstar took to Twitter to share good news with his followers.

On Twitter, Simmons wrote, “Everybody stay calm Be happy. America is still the greatest country.” He then shared a story that he feels exemplifies American greatness. “A California man donated 25,000 baseball cards to a 9-year-old girl who lost her collection in a wildfire,” he writes.

In the tweet, Simmons shared a CNN story where a California man donated 25,000 baseball cards to a 9-year-old girl who lost her collection in a wildfire. The man had considered selling the cards on eBay when he heard the girl’s story on the radio. The cards are worth $35,000 and $50,000. But he said, “When I thought about the smile I could put on that little girl’s face, it was an easy decision.”

Gene Simmons Urged Followers to Vote on Election Day

In a previous tweet on Election Day, Simmons urged his followers to vote. He said it didn’t matter which candidate people voted for because everyone was American.

He wrote, “Vote your conscience. Today. And, it’s nobody’s business who you are voting for. Stop talking politics with your friends and family. You will not win any argument you may have. We are all Americans. Remember that.”

The Rockstar is the Latest Celebrity to Offer Moral Support

Simmons joins both Billy Ray Cyrus and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson in offering moral support in the wake of the ongoing election. Several celebrities have reacted to the political event. Recently, Cyrus shared a literal message of love with his followers. He tweeted out a photo of lit-up letters spelling “Love.”

Meanwhile, Robertson decided to pray for the country through the election process in a three minute video.

“Father, we thank you for another day on planet earth,” Robertson said. “We are taking it one at a time, but we are grateful that you hear our prayers.”

“Father, we are at a crossroads, it looks like,” he continued. “All the empires that have risen, that you have put in place, and all the ones you have taken down, Father, they start wanting for us in America. Many of our people, Father, have fallen for the ways of the evil one.”