Gene Simmons Releases Message with Bizarre Voting Photo: ‘Vote Your Conscience’

by Jon D. B.

Gene Simmons of KISS fame is taking to Twitter to urge his followers to vote with a bizarre message and even more bizarre photo.

Gene Simmons is a unique guy. This is, in itself, a good thing. He’s made a career out of it – one worthy of few rock icons like himself. His thoughts on voting, however, may be a bit more unique than called for.

While the rocker hits with a well-meaning message, the accompanying photo and quote ring… odd. Firstly, he urges voters to “vote your conscience”. Okay, yes. Good start. Excellent sentiment. “And, it’s nobody’s business who you are voting for,” he continues. Also solid. Very true. From here, though, things take a questionable turn.

“Stop talking politics with your friends and family,” Simmons says. This, in itself, is a dangerous sentiment. In the most polarized period of modern politics, we should all be urging each other to discuss and understand one another even more, right? Gene Simmons doesn’t think so. “You will not win any argument you may have,” he states bluntly. Well then!

Gene Simmons Gets Very Gene Simmons on Twitter

“Vote your conscience. Today. And, it’s nobody’s business who you are voting for. Stop talking politics with your friends and family. You will not win any argument you may have. We are all Americans. Remember that.”

Gene Simmons

The KISS frontman goes on to say “We are all Americans. Remember that.” Another tride and true statement for his U.S. followers, sure. But doesn’t that mean we should unite, discuss, and come together as a nation? We’re getting mixed signals, Gene Simmons.

Especially from your included photo.

What. Is. happening. Here. Click to expand the photo if this stunner is not fully embedded for you. Are those doll hands? Covering his eyes? Why is he gingerly touching his lips? And what’s up with the money hat?

We’ve got zero qualms with this shirt, however. This is a killer shirt. Classic Gene Simmons.

Fans expect bizarre from Simmons. But this may be next-level for some. Regardless, his heart seems to be in the right place. It certainly was when the world lost fellow rocker and friend of Simmons, Eddie Van Halen, just weeks ago.

Whether you’re here for this… post… or not, Election Day is just right around the corner. Be sure to vote on or before November 3rd.

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